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  • Mark McLay 27 Mar 2013 10:34pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    This is a really helpful set of advisory notes Carol. 

    One thing our IT support expert has recommended is NEVER running configurator at the same time as itunes or VPP store.  It seems to trip up when I've inadvertantly done that.


    I've created a flow diagram to explain to teachers how our Confugurator|iTunes|VPP 'configuration' is set out. I hope it helps in some way.


    iPad Apps Mgt Process Map

    I've also created an excel spreadsheet to track the numbers of licences, apps and our budget-to-date (as well as predicted spend if requested apps are purchased).  I'm still fine-tuning that but if anyone's interested, let me know.


    Mark McLay