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  • Trish Ramsay 07 Mar 2012 7:50pm () in P4C Philosophy For Children and ICT

    Anne and Kate, I think I sent you replies, but not sure if they went through. Let me know if you didn't get reply.

    Karen (in a nut shell), P4C Philosophy for Children, is a chance in our learning day for children to think deeply about things from many different perspectives.  

    We specifically have a philsophy time in our timetable, but also use the thinking and ideas in other areas.  

    Within a P4C session, the teacher is a facilitator, who prompts discussion by asking questions to promote deeper thinking. The students drive the discussion, through posing questions, sharing opinions and ideas. It encourages critical thinking, justification, agreement, disagreement to name a few elements of discussions. A variety of motivational material can be used, books, articles and movies to name a few.

    Let me know if you are interested in training, or attending the mini conference in June.  I will send you details.

    Thanks for letting me know you are interested in ICT resources based around P4C.  I will get these happening on P4C.org.nz


  • Trish Ramsay 05 Mar 2012 8:57pm () in P4C Philosophy For Children and ICT

    Hi there, I am a P4C enthusiast. I am wanting to help teachers facilitate this, and incorporate ICT. Firstly how many of you do P4C, and/or would be interested in interactive ICT, P4C resources? There is an exciting conference happening in June, you may be interested in too.


  • Trish Ramsay 21 Aug 2011 6:03pm () in Kids Use ipads in Different Ways

    I had an amazing 6 year old show me what he does with i pad. We have not grown up with them, and children may appraoch them very differently than we do. He showed me, using camera on i pad, and taking series of shots, and running finger over all photos (runs along bottom of screen) that you can make a quick simple, stop motion movie. Just wanted to share this with you.