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Wendy Moses's discussion posts

  • Wendy Moses 31 May 2016 8:43pm () in Reading Levels

    I would love to have a look at your wedge graph too. I have one as a word doc but haven't had much luck transferring it to a google doc. If someone would share that would be great. Thanks.



  • Wendy Moses 16 May 2015 4:19pm () in New Entrant planning

    I see no one has replied to your post. Ha ha, It is such a big question really. You could start with part of the day and work up to full integration. I work in a 2 teacher space with 30 students 40+ by the end of the year. We also work closely with two other N.E/Y1 classes in the afternoons; we do 'action stations' Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; syndicate singing, junior assembly, Junior kapa haka and physical activities (led by Year sixes). http://action-stations.blogspot.co.nz/ This is the link for Laetitia de Vries blog. We purchased her downloadable book. We have a four week rotation of responsibilities for these activities. 

    We started last year with just the afternoons and this year I am sharing a teaching space. Fortunately there was a fold back door between the rooms that we just opened. We start the day in each room, to do the roll, but everything else is done as one class. It is very powerful being able to have learning conversations everyday. There is someone to share your successes and to support you when things go pear shaped. We release each other for testing, small group and individual interventions. With CRT, PD, sick days etc, it can be unsettling for 5 year olds, but there is always one of us in the room. I definitely think we meet the student needs more directly in this environment.

    We have done a lot of thinking about how students begin the journey to become 'self directed' learners, and discussed what this looks like in Y0/1. We have a weekly Action Stations focus to teach some of these skills directly. We use 'can do's' and 'must do's' in a visual format (pocket chart) for an hour each day while we do guided reading. And, we talk a lot about things good learners do, e.g., keep trying, good listener etc. I hope this helps. Do you have any direct questions about how we do things?

    Nga mihi nui

  • Wendy Moses 31 Mar 2015 9:04pm () in New Entrant planning

    Thanks for the detailed plan very interesting. I love the way you are collaborating to meet the needs of your learners. I have a question (not criticising at all). What range of levels are in the mixed level guided reading groups? I can see how it would work if you are working on comprehension skills or say contractions. I'm intrigued, as having too many reading groups is an issue we discussed regularly. I would love some more information on how this works. Thank you in advance.

    Wendy Moses


  • Wendy Moses 18 Feb 2014 11:21pm () in Action Stations

    Hi Jill

    Yes, Action Stations is similar to Discovery Time, I would say that it has more of a focus on Key Competencies. We certainly have incorporated some of the ideas we liked from Discovery Time into Action Stations.


  • Wendy Moses 15 Feb 2014 8:47pm () in Action Stations

    I thought the group might be interested in Laetitia de Vries 'Action Stations'. Her book is available as a digital download and is aimed at NE/Y1 classrooms. We are using Actions stations three afternoons a week to teach self management and thinking skills. Teachers and kids are loving it so far. Here is her youtube clip. 


    Nga mihi

    Wendy Moses Elmgrove School Mosgiel