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  • Nick Rate 21 Nov 2011 1:37pm () in Take the 30 day challenge

    Another consideration for principals and Boards when employing is their expectation around written referees reports. Having been on both sides of the fence either completing reports for others or asking others to complete them for me, the expectations and requirements vary from a brief summary to an extensive essay type report.

    The best recent example I saw was no written report but instead referees were directly to a survey in SurveyMonkey, a simple easy process for both the referee to complete and the potential employer to analyse.

    So principals and BoTs, if you are asking for a report, consider the ease and convenience of using an online tool such as SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to gather the information.

  • Nick Rate 18 Nov 2011 2:19pm () in Are You Using the VLN for your teachers' relections on their learning?

    Hi Annemarie,

    A couple of my current clusters are using the VLN in a similar way for their ongoing reflections and evidence gathering. At this stage they are not doing this in their personal space but in the cluster group or sub group blog. It is early days yet for them and the outcomes are really positive in terms of sharing practice and reflecting on the impact of their teaching and next steps.

    One cluster has created sub groups for each of the national goals to record reflections and another uses one blog and tags each entry against the national goals.

    Using the VLN for a personal reflective blog sounds great too and the benefits of creating it within an existing online community that you can draw from in terms of expertise for feedback and mentoring is a pretty exciting concept. Many are doing this within MyPortfolio or within their Google Sites as part of Google Apps for Education and I see no reason why the VLN couldn't also perform similarly.

    I look forward to seeing how you move forward in developing these spaces as I am always on the look out for great examples online reflective journal/eportfolio'ish practice.

  • Nick Rate 18 Nov 2011 1:58pm () in How to manage ultra-fast broadband

    The Crown Fibre Holdings Fact Sheet: Agreement with Chorus does provide indications of prices for schools, depending on type of fibre connection. Prices quoted are the wholesale rates per month excl. of GST.

    From page 28:

    UFB pricing is at the wholesale level. End-users should bear in mind that prices of retail UFB-based services will reflect non-wholesale costs, such as national backhaul, international bandwidth, provisioning, billing and so forth. The prices shown below are the price caps agreed between CFH and Chorus. Chorus may sell their services at prices below or equal to the price caps, not above.

    Screen capture below from pages 30/31:


  • Nick Rate 08 Sep 2011 2:23pm () in Inserting tables

    Inserting a table into a page or resource etc seems to ignore the HTML table border code, whether inserting a table using the toolbar or pasting in the code from another HTML editor.

    I just want to break up the text in a table but it does not seem to be working...

    The code...

    <table style="width: 100%;" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

    ...displays the border when editing, but on saving is gone, no doubt stripped out by over riding CSS...?


    Help appreciated. The resource is private, but I am sure you super duper site admins can look at it...?