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  • James Robson 21 Aug 2018 10:27pm () in Who wants to take part in a Scratch Ed Meetup?

    Hi All,

    I have been thinking about organizing a Scratch Ed meetup for Kiwi Scratch Educators. Please let me know if you are interested in taking part or being part of the organization. I was thinking of hosting the first meetup in Auckland in Term 4. Please add to the discussion if you are interested. You can also email me at jrobson@forresthill.school.nz. 






  • James Robson 18 Sep 2015 7:36am () in Break coming!!

    Hi David,

    Wednesday is good for me. Looking forward to meeting you and others who can make it. I’m booked in for Permission to Play at uLearn and will be doing the 1 day workshop on Gamefroot. I’m very keen to meet the people who run The Mind Lab and find out more about the way they operate and the things they do.




  • James Robson 12 Aug 2015 9:27pm () in Introductions..

    I am a teacher and e-learning specialist in two primary schools. My main position is at Forrest Hill School on the North Shore and I have one day a week at Coatesville School, just out of Albany. I have been interested in ICT from a young age and have been involved in ICT in Education since I started teacher training well over twenty years ago. I am still excited about ICT in Education today. The landscape of opportunities for today's learners is vast. The ability to be part of a global learning community is now a reality. This connectivity can potentially add a great deal of value to our young learners in my option.        

    I have setup GAFE for both Forrest Hill and Coatesville Schools and have supported GAFE by running staff development and working in classrooms. This year I am supporting Forrest Hill’s first 1:1 class rolling out HP 14” chromebooks. Google is set to become our digital learning platform across our school. In April this year I attended admin console technical retreat part of the NZ Google Summit 2015. I have implemented Hapara in the Year 4-6 classrooms at Forrest Hill School.

    I am an active learner and are currently enrolled in two courses 11.127x Design and Development of Games for Learning by MIT and ICT in Primary Education: Transforming children's learning across the curriculum by London University. Recent online courses I have completed are GSE2x Leaders of Learning by Harvard University, 11.132x Design and Development of Educational Technology by MIT and Programming in Scratch by Harvey Mudd College.

    I am a member of the Learning Creative Learning group which is an initiative by MIT Media Lab.  


    I am a World Museum Partner. World Museum is lead by Professor Yoshiro Miyata in Japan. This is a  group that promotes the use of technology to bridge the gap between countries and brings children and teachers together from around the world. I have been recently involved in the World Peace Song Project.      

    I am a member of ScratchEd  http://scratched.gse.harvard.edu/.

    I have had a long term involvement with running Scratch Days. Refer to video. https://youtu.be/buZJrHMQycc 

    These have been organised with the support of Karen Brennan - Assistant Professor of Education Harvard University formally MIT. http://scratched.gse.harvard.edu/stories/kiwi-scratch-day-forrerst-hill-school-nz


    I have recently supported the development of Scratch Jnr and are now actively involved in teaching this to classes of young children starting Foundation level Year 0-1 (Our programmers of the future).


    Promoted and coordinated Hour of Code over the past two years.


    Fifth year as staff rep on the Forrest Hill School BOT.


    I have designed and built numerous websites including both schools I currently work for. This has involved being admin for Ultranet Net a well used learning management system..

    Currently working on:


    My current blogs are:    

    Endeavour Blog - Teaching and Learning Blog

    Cogito Ergo Sum - Personal Development Blog

    Twitter user @jrobsonfhs


    In Past Years:


    • Run the Boys in School Programme  for Coatesville School (approx.6 Years)

    • Designer and Teacher in charge of Big Brother Little Brother Programme

    • Intermediate Tech Teacher (Electronics) Based out of Orewa (1 Year)

    • ICT Staff Development Programming at Coatesville School

    • The facilitator of NXT Robotics Programme and in School Teacher Trainer

    • Member of the NEALS group


    My view of education is it should be authentic, hands on, student focused, globally connected and engaging. I believe technology can allow students to take control of their learning and connect to a wider learning community.