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  • Julie Mills 18 Mar 2016 2:17pm () in FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event

    "…innovation floats on a sea of inquiry and curiosity is a driver for change."

    Timperley, Kaser & Halbert

    Thanks everyone for sharing. My name is Julie Mills and I’d like to share an initiative that has become synonymous with innovation – embedding Financial Capabilities into the curriculum.

    A group of nine schools and a tertiary institution (Upper Harbour Sorted Schools Learning Community) collaborated to embed Financial Capability teaching and learning into their school curriculum. The shared practice across the sectors was definitely a critical factor in the development of new thinking, practices and resources. For more on which schools were involved and how this initiative came about, go to Innovation and Financial Capability.

    The outcomes from this project are more than exciting. Students participated in Trade Shows, writing of apps, Young Enterprise Challenges, Dragon’s Dens, Caine’s Arcade Games, Boot Camps, Stock Market Challenges, technology challenges and fundraising events. Teachers involved students in planning school camps including the comparative pricing of services, budgeting and purchasing food. The Financial Capability learning experiences were all integrated into existing learning areas and programmes.

    For more on how this innovative practice has come about, the details behind the programmes created, collaborative processes and creative outcomes for students, go to the full page dedicated to this story @ Innovation and Financial Capability.

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