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  • Carol Kendall 14 Nov 2013 12:01pm () in Creating email addresses for students - naming conventions at your school?

    Thanks everyone! This has been really helpful

    There are quite a few variations on the theme! Jacinda's and Rob's ideas won't quite work for us because actually there are four 'Jacks' in the class, two with the same initial for their surname, and all would have been entered into GAFE in the same year, and three would have started school in the same year. Reminds me of when there were three 'Carols' in my 7th Form History Class!

    I think I'll probably go with Mike's idea, but will run it past the teachers involved. We want to be able to easily identify who is whom, but keep them relatively anonymous to outsiders. In the end, no system will be perfect.

  • Carol Kendall 13 Nov 2013 1:13pm () in Creating email addresses for students - naming conventions at your school?

    This year our senior students had their own Gmails through our School Google apps account, and were able to be supported via Hapara's Teacher Dashboard.

    We thought about the different possibilities for gmail account names, not wanting to use students' surnames or have students too identifiable to outsiders (surnames are not published on our websites or blogs). We ended up with firstname.4digitrandomnumber@ (eg carol1638@). This was OK, until we ended up wondering which of the 3 'Jack's in the class was which number/email, when wanting to email them. This was a pain.

    But, what is the solution? We're about to set up new groups of students, and would like a naming convention that is easy for us, but maintains some privacy. What do you think? What are other primary schools typically using when creating student Gmail accounts?

    1. firstname.surname (eg carol.kendall@)
    2. firstname.surnamefirstletter (eg carolk@ )
    3. first3letters.surnamefirst3letters (eg carken@ )
    4. firstname.4digitrandomnumber (eg carol8473@ )
    5. ?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Carol Kendall 13 Nov 2013 12:58pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    I'm wondering if anyone has thought about the impact on how you set up your school's iOS devices, of Apple's decision to make some of their key apps free recently (with new iPads and iOS7 etc, and I think also for current users) - iMovie, Garageband, iPhoto, and Pages, Keynote, Numbers.

    • Do we no longer need to purchase these apps through the VPP?
    • What is the status of the licences of these key apps we have already bought through VPP
    • What happens when you purchase new devices with these apps freely available, or do an update and get them, but then try to sync with VPP etc through Apple Configurator

    I don't think I want to do any iOS updates on our school iPads till I have this all clear - but need to be thinking about it as we begin to prepare for the new year, and purchase new iPads to be set up with our system (currently iTunes or Apple Configurator).

    My brain's getting scrambled!


  • Carol Kendall 02 Aug 2013 7:29pm () in Just starting out with minecraft

    Wow, that is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!

    A technical question, if I may - how did they manage to hide the names of the Minecraft characters - is there some setting?

  • Carol Kendall 31 Jul 2013 9:30pm () in Ipad. a mac and drop box

    Hi there

    I've used Book Creator quite a bit, and am exploring work flows to share books. Backing up books in progress is a good idea.

    The email issue is probably related to the setup of your iPads - check the configuration of your email, and try sending something simple. Or it might be an issue with File Size (perhaps your mail setup at school doesn't allow larger than 5MB files to be emailed), in which case you need to share them via Dropbox, and download them onto your computer that way. I did have a problem emailing ePubs through a SMART network setup - so check whether that may be your issue (something to do with the proxy).

    The newer version of Book Creator lets you import Book Creator books you've made on other iPads, and assemble them on one iPad - quite handy - I've tried it once.

    Good luck!

  • Carol Kendall 02 Jul 2013 8:00pm () in Syncing iPhoto and iMovie from ipad to MacBook

    We have purchased the Photo Transfer app ($4.19, and half that price on the VPP). It does a great job of transferring video files (and multiple photos) from the Camera Roll. Easy to use, and you can transfer files between devices (they each have to have the app) or a device and a Mac or Windows computer (using a web browser, or they now have an app you can download onto your computer if you wish - I just use the browser). You may have problems getting it to work through a proxy server, but check it on your network with one copy first.

  • Carol Kendall 20 Jun 2013 10:04pm () in Just starting out with minecraft

    Hi Sharron - I'm sure you'll find it goes well. You're lucky to have the students able to help and lead with this. Have you played Minecraft yourself? I'm looking forward to the school holidays as a time to play it more and get beyond just moving around and building the absolute basics!

  • Carol Kendall 18 Jun 2013 5:41pm () in iPad apps and proxy settings - filtering......

    Hi Coral

    Why did you switch from Air Parrot to Apple TV?

  • Carol Kendall 18 Jun 2013 5:40pm () in iPad apps and proxy settings - filtering......

    Yes, I'm thinking the Reflector app on a computer will (from what you said earlier) be running through a different wifi system. You do need a robust wifi network for things to work well, too.

  • Carol Kendall 17 Jun 2013 9:14pm () in iPad apps and proxy settings - filtering......

    That's great to know, thank you Melissa.

    Tell me, the fact that the iPads are usually on a separate wifi network to the laptops - does that cause issues when trying to use software like the Reflector app or Apple TV to airplay iPad screens? I thought they had to be on the same wifi network. Just wondering about possible complications of having the separate wifi network.

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