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  • Carol Kendall 28 Jan 2014 4:44pm () in Setting up iOS7 devices for schools

    Either for individual devices, or via Apple Configurator and the VPP. I've just picked up some new devices for school, and have spent time on the phone to Apple's Enterprise Support, asking how we can switch off the Passcode Lock in such a way that students can't switch it back on again and use their own Passcode to make the device inaccessible. Obviously, we don't want to set the Passcode lock ourselves, either, because we'd have to tell the students what it was simply so they could even use the device - hmmmmm.

    The Passcode lock CAN be switched off, but it can still be accessed and set up - turning Restrictions ON does not limit access to the Passcode lock, it seems - and Apple agrees.This is the same whether for an individual stand-alone device, or one set up through Configurator. There is no setting to block access by students to the Passcode lock.

    The Apple person I spoke to said we should all contact Apple and make a feature request to change this. Apparently there is a feedback setting in Configurator, and for individuals there is the option to give feedback to Apple here.

    In the meantime, we're stuck - OR.... does someone else have another idea that we can use as a work-around.

  • Carol Kendall 28 Jan 2014 4:35pm () in Are you gamifying your classroom this year?

    Is anyone else here signed up for the Gamification course on Coursera, referred to by Monika? It got underway yesterday - there are people from ALL around the world taking part. I'm keen to know if there are any other Kiwi teachers there with me? I don't think it's too late to take part. I'm doing the Free version, so won't get a pretty certificate at the end....

  • Carol Kendall 27 Jan 2014 11:26pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    My understanding is that the new credit options don't apply in NZ - that information seems to have been part of general release, and terms vary in different countries. :-(

  • Carol Kendall 27 Jan 2014 11:23pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    I phoned apple support yesterday and was told that the only option for NZ at this stage is credit card (I had been enquiring about whether we could use an iTunes card too). I hadn't thought about a loaded card. We use a credit card.

  • Carol Kendall 17 Jan 2014 10:17pm () in Are you gamifying your classroom this year?

    Thanks for the alert about the free course, Monica. I've just signed up. I'm not sure how long I'll last once things get busy again, but I'm keen to give it a go!

    I had planned to get busy playing Minecraft over the holidays, but it hasn't happened - yet.....


  • Carol Kendall 06 Dec 2013 9:15am () in End of Year with Students moving on

    These links have been really helpful. I do have one BIG question though.... what about SHARED documents (as most are at our school). I wonder how they get 'taken out'. You can't just take those with you. We would have to ask students to make copies.

  • Carol Kendall 27 Nov 2013 7:52pm () in Google presentation issue

    I had the same issue back in 2012, in exactly the same circumstances. There was no luck emailing Google, and responses to the forum where I asked for help suggested many people were having the same issue. Here is a link to the thread I created at the time:

    Good luck!
  • Carol Kendall 24 Nov 2013 9:09pm () in iPads and Apple TV

    Yep - sure does help - thanks Matt!

  • Carol Kendall 23 Nov 2013 9:26pm () in iPads and Apple TV

    Brilliant, thanks Matt. No likelyhood of these toppling (earthquake territory here in Christchurch). They can be moved around the classroom easily? They look low enough not to cause problems with necks straining upwards - how are they for viewing height from around the classroom? Where did you get the station bases from? Some of our teachers are interested in the Sitech (non interactive) models, though I have concerns about the 40" screens (and the price).

    Am I understanding correctly.... you use whiteboard markers on the TV's plasma screen...? I can see how you'd use them as whiteboards through the likes of Explain Everything etc.

  • Carol Kendall 23 Nov 2013 6:07pm () in iPads and Apple TV

    I'd be interested to see photos of how you've done this, thanks Matt - and others - are we able to post some photos of your set-up. It would be great to have people in the photos so that we can get an idea of the size of screens and teaching spaces. Also the Year levels involved.

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