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  • Carol Kendall 22 Jul 2014 10:48pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    My understanding is that we can't use gift cards for VPP in NZ - yet.

  • Carol Kendall 20 Jul 2014 7:02pm () in Ebooks for low readers

    I'm wondering if anyone has purchased the plugged-in Ready to Read / School Journal resource and placed it on their GAFE (Google) network. We have a private school intranet page that is created with Google Sites. It requires a login to access this intranet page. I'm assuming we would load the files into a key GAFE account's Google Drive, and anyone would link to it from there? We also have a server that is used less often. I could load the files there too, and put a link from our intranet page to those files too. The only trouble is, BYOD students don't have access to the server, only to GAFE.

    I'm really keen to purchase this resource for school, but need to sort out these techincal things. I'm probably making it too hard!


  • Carol Kendall 09 Jun 2014 4:25pm () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    Has anyone found a solution to using playlists set up in iTunes, through VPP and Apple Configurator? We have teachers wanting to continue to use their Ready to Read playlists on iPads with young students, but these will be removed from the iPads once I set them up under the new system (as I am now doing progressively).

  • Carol Kendall 28 May 2014 8:56pm () in Chromebooks and Data Projectors

    Dave, can you please explain for this Mac user, what does 'arm-based' mean? And are some Sansungs NOT arm-based?

    Thanks - this discussion is very helpful for us as we are contemplating getting some Chromebooks.

  • Carol Kendall 23 May 2014 10:16pm () in Smart Boards and iPads

    Yes, I'll add to the TV size issue here - we've just been trialling a 50" TV after using old data projectors. The TV is barely big enough in a large classroom and with a large group of students sharing from devices or watching a YouTube video. Definitely need to look larger.

  • Carol Kendall 04 Apr 2014 11:12pm () in Are you using Minecraft to motivate writing?

    Thanks for this great response, Tessa. I had forgotten about the wonderful Highwayman example - it's quite emotional to watch, actually. I had been away overseas last year at the time of the Gaming in Education webinar, so it has been good to look through it and the associated resources now, thanks to your alert.

  • Carol Kendall 01 Apr 2014 5:01pm () in Are you using Minecraft to motivate writing?

    Thanks Monika - I've forwarded the information about this book to our Librarian and some teachers who were interested in books for reluctant readers. It looks really interesting!

  • Carol Kendall 01 Apr 2014 4:35pm () in Are you using Minecraft to motivate writing?

    Just exploring online (as you do....) and came across the Minecraft Reality app - I can see potential for this to be used to encourage writing for younger students, but I checked the reviews on the iTunes Store before deciding to spend $2.59 on the app, and it doesn't look particularly reliable. I think I'll look into it further. I'll let you know if I give it a go.

  • Carol Kendall 01 Apr 2014 4:31pm () in Are you using Minecraft to motivate writing?

    Thanks, Roimata

    Yes, I'm interested to talk to someone who is actually doing this - how to take those first steps, and how successful it is, how long it takes etc. Thanks for the tip about Screencastify - that sounds useful, once you have uploaded something to to YouTube, I guess. I do tend to use QuickTime Player to record the screen for Minecraft, but it makes huge files. I'm interested in this for students from Year 3-8.

  • Carol Kendall 01 Apr 2014 2:10pm () in Are you using Minecraft to motivate writing?

    Is anyone actively using Minecraft to motivate writing, particularly with reluctant writers? How are you using Minecraft for this? Is Minecraft used before, or after the writing, or does the writing occur within the game? How do you manage this, and how successful are you finding it to be?

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