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  • Carol Kendall 28 Nov 2014 2:15pm () in Student Blogs through GAFE

    Aha - that's good to have confirmed. What about Gmails, Youtube videos and other components of a student's GAFE account? And how might this work with shared files? Does the Takeout process leave files within the student's current account, and make copies of all? Then the same files within the account will be archived for a period of time by the school?

  • Carol Kendall 28 Nov 2014 2:00pm () in Student Blogs through GAFE

    Tell me if I'm wrong (actually, I hope I am!), but I was under the impression that students are unable to use Google Takeout to transfer their files etc to a Gmail account external to the school's GAFE account?


  • Carol Kendall 20 Nov 2014 10:02am () in Multiple users on on Chroombooks

    Do you have to create an account, or does it work fine without one?

  • Carol Kendall 19 Nov 2014 8:54pm () in Which iPad to buy for classes? Quick opinion needed

    Hi Steve

    Yes, we ended up purchasing 32GB iPad Airs (1st Generation) - I'm currently setting up with my old friend, Apple Configurator...  The bigger screen is good for a school-owned device, especially for younger students or a small group to be able to work around the screen. I agree about not being overwhelmed with apps. We do need the space though, because the iOS takes up more space now, and when students are creating movies in iMovie, or Music or other recordings in Garageband, the spaces is needed for storage during that creation process. The final product can be shared to the cloud after that (actually most of our stuff is published on YouTube and/or on class blogs), and then deleted from the iPad. We love the open-ended apps that can be used across abilities and ages, across content and curriculum, and empower students to create something rather than steal it off the internet.

    I'd be interested to see which apps you end up with your 15 - here are always new ones out there.

  • Carol Kendall 04 Nov 2014 7:00am () in School website

    I also highly recommend Weebly, if you're looking for a cheap, easy option that teachers at school can edit without relying on someone really technical to set up or maintain.

    You can drag and drop to get what you want. We pay for the Pro account, which is a small amount (from memory something like US$39 per year). On top of that we pay the usual small annual fee for our Domain name. We look after the site completely on our own and it's very easy to update. Different groups of people have access to edit different pages.

    We looked at a lot of other school websites, then planned our site on paper. Then we had a web designer set up a couple of the techie things, then got on and made the site our own - we learnt by doing. We didn't want a site that looked sterile, or full of clip art. Our site is designed to give a feel for our school and the culture and learning that goes on there. You can see the result at Springston School. It might suit your small school very well.

  • Carol Kendall 28 Oct 2014 1:26pm () in Which iPad to buy for classes? Quick opinion needed

    Good point, thanks Leigh. A timely reminder about final storage options and we need to use this more.

    I think my main concern about storage is having enough space for space-hungry, complex apps. And then, while students are creating their movies and books etc, that they have enough space for the temporary storage while things are still being put together. Certainly, once creative work is completed, we can send these to YouTube, Dropbox, etc. Yes, we are a GAFE school, but I don't think that helps until work is completed.

    Roll on BYOD!

  • Carol Kendall 28 Oct 2014 11:28am () in Which iPad to buy for classes? Quick opinion needed

    I am wondering whether the purchase of any 16GB iPad at the moment is a waste of time. With iOS8 sucking up lots of space, and fantastic creative apps like Pages, iMovie, Garageband, Book Creator etc adding to that - before we even get students' photos and movies and other apps on board - am I going to regret purchasing these?

    I can get the last of the 4th Generation iPads at 16GB, or squeeze the budget to purchase iPad Airs (1st generation), but even then they're only 16GB - sure, faster processor, better screen, more up to date and future-proof capacity.... I just need a set of 5 iPads, and after that we rethink what other devices. Right now, it's iPads that we want for the learning of these students.

    Your thoughts?

  • Carol Kendall 05 Sep 2014 3:14pm () in Daily Notices

    Our school notices are hosted on a Google Site - this is called our Intranet Page. This was created for us by our tech team when we became a GAFE school. Sign-in is required to access this page, and notices can be posted by all teachers, and also students. These are internal school notices, not community notices. Embedded on this 'Intranet' page, is a plugin that shows recent 'announcements', highlighting the first lines of any notice that has been created, and putting the most recent at the top. There is also a link to the 'School Notices' that you can follow to read them more fully, check back on past notices, or create a new one.

    This works reasonably well, but isn't perfect. It seems that each and every notice is actually a new PAGE, and the only way I can delete the hundreds of notices that are building up is to delete pages one at a time. Naturally, who has time to do that?! We carry on for now :-) We quite like the system in most ways, and I think it might be preferrable to scrolling through a long Google Doc.

    Perhaps some sort of Blogger Blog scenario might be worth trying, but then you might need authors etc..... nah!

  • Carol Kendall 05 Sep 2014 8:48am () in Benefits of hosting email with Google

    The cloud server has benefits, too, in case of a major disaster - as in the Canterbury earthquakes four years ago. So many schools and businesses lost access to their servers for some time. But access from the cloud was a relief.

  • Carol Kendall 05 Aug 2014 8:31am () in Downloading videos from Youtube on ipads

    I checked the reviews on iTunes for this app, and it seems it no longer caches. The reviews paint a very poor picture, but perhaps they had to make changes because of legal issues...

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