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  • Carol Kendall 22 May 2015 5:03pm () in Cloud photo storage

    We are also a GAFE school, and have been wondering over the past few months how to move away from having photos on our Server, everything being so slow and no access from home.

    We have created a Photos folder on Google Drive. It should be owned by a 'non-human' owner who will not leave the school and then shared with editing rights for teachers, and we share viewing rights with our GAFE accounts. Currently that is only Year 5-8 students, but classrooms also have Google accounts they can sign in with.

    Considerations will also involve privacy issues, of photos being available outside the school, but we overcome this partially by having them viewable only with one of our school accounts. I need to check how to upload files to our Blogger Blogs when they are stored in Drive. It may need to be via url - need to have a closer look.

    Storage is free and unlimited, so that's a bonus. Everything seems faster. We are making a push for not having all photos just downloaded and dumped in there, but rather choosing the good photos and not bothering with the rest.

    We're not sure how this will work yet, being relatively new to doing this, but it should work well.

  • Carol Kendall 07 May 2015 12:06pm () in Screen Casting

    Chris's notes are here. I do remember him saying that there were TWO things to install 0 one an app, and one an extension. At least, I think I'm remembering that correctly! Seems to be what I have :-)

    Here's my first effort with the TechSmith's Snagit - instructions on how to install the Kaizena Mini add-on - a bit rough around the edges, but there you go! I'm hoping to use Snagit with students, to have them create tutorials for teachers, or brief descriptions of some aspect of their own learning.

  • Carol Kendall 07 May 2015 11:32am () in Screen Casting

    I learnt about the TechSmith Snagit app AND associated extension at the recent Edtech Team GAFE Summit in Christchurch - Chris Betcher did a great session, that also include information about Screencastify. There were pros and cons of each.

    I used Snagit for the first time last week, and once I'd sorted out the permissions for microphone recording in the Chrome settings, it worked well. When I first played the video back, it seemed very laggy etc, but I figured out that this was just during processing. Once it was done, and I just wanted to play it, it was fine.

  • Carol Kendall 04 May 2015 9:54pm () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    That looks great, thanks for sharing, Angela. That looks like they could produce stories quite quickly, and a good idea of yours to publish on your site as jpegs. I like your class site, too. I'll have a closer look at the app.

  • Carol Kendall 04 May 2015 9:57am () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    Hi Angela

    That sounds like a useful app. Can the students add their own photos and drawings to their stories? I'd love to see a link to your class website so I can see how it all looks and how you add the pdfs too.



  • Carol Kendall 27 Apr 2015 3:19pm () in Moving Google Drive between domains.

    When you leave a school, you don't need to individually transfer ownership of each key document one by one to team leaders etc. The person who eventually deletes your account is able to transfer ownership of documents to another person during this process (they get alert messages from Google offerening to delete or transfer documents). I have found this works well. Mind you, I guess those leaders may want access to these fairly quickly so you may want to do this sooner, as you suggest. Ultimately, any files essential to the school should be owned by a non-human user of the school - a central account created especially for this purpose and thus not affected when someone leaves the school.

    It all takes time though....


  • Carol Kendall 23 Apr 2015 9:58pm () in Will MinecraftEDU work on the lowest spec MacBook Air?

    That IS really helpful, thank you Hamish!

    Hmm, just thought - we'd be able to plug in a regular USB mouse no problem? Or is it going to have some new USB standard that won't work with older mice....?


  • Carol Kendall 23 Apr 2015 7:18pm () in Will MinecraftEDU work on the lowest spec MacBook Air?


    Our older Macbooks are coming to the end of their lease, and we don't want to purchase them. The cheapest option (in terms of Apple) to lease in future is 11" Macbook Airs with 128GB Flash storage. I have licences for 14 copies of MinecraftEDU, and I need them to run on whatever we get next. It needs to be Apple-based for the other things we do with our computers. SO, does anyone know if we will be happy with running MinecraftEDU clients on these Macbook Airs if we go that direction?

    I've attached a screenshot of the specs in our Apple New Zealand store.

    The other devices we have are Chromebooks.... and iPads....

    Keen for your experience on this please.


  • Carol Kendall 22 Apr 2015 10:39am () in VPP and using Meraki or Apple Configurator

    That's interesting, Graham

    Where do we go to find out more about this new system from Apple?


  • Carol Kendall 10 Apr 2015 5:07pm () in YouTube in Schools

    I work with Alice and this is something we're at a cross-roads with, and are wondering what others are doing. Up until now, teachers have uploaded to Youtube for the students, using an old account (SpringstonTube) that was created before we became a GAFE school. They sign in and then (hopefully) out on a school/class iPad or a personal teacher iPad. We weren't able to link it to a new account. We've tried putting videos into Playlists for different groups of students, or events, but this doesn't always happen.

    We are finding more and more students creating their own videos and it becomes a lot for teachers to ensure everything is checked - there are the digital citizenship issues as well as some need for a little quality control in terms of appropriateness. We do also value showing process, not just the end product, and we do want students to be confident about being creative and sharing their thinking and their work. We prefer open sharing and connections, not a closed, walled-in environment.

    Now we're considering creating a new School account for school videos, with a Master user - obviously that has implications for who can sign in, and the care needed to sign out. We have also considered class accounts, but think the Playlist idea within a single school account might be better as it's a central depository? We have to consider teachers of junior classes wanting to upload videos, teachers of classes from Year 4 upwards as well. Then we have our individual users - BYOD for students Years 5-8 (but younger students don't currently have their own emails etc). We're only just getting these older students onto their own personal blogs, so yes (Monika and Sharon), posting to their own Youtube is the best bet for those students. We can keep an eye on things via Hapara's Teacher Dashboard.

    Tim, your N4L settings sound interesting - we're still waiting for this to come to us and are currently still on Watchdog and have just started using Linewize.

    Please keep the opinions coming in - we're really interested to see how schools are organising their YouTube through GAFE  (dashboard and individual basis) - the practicalities and the realities!

Carol Kendall

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