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  • Carol Kendall 26 Jun 2016 3:52pm () in Blogger App no longer available to download

    I have found that the Blogger app doesn't even work now... Instead, I have downloaded the Blogo app, which is free and allows you to post to one blog (in-app purchases and pricey to do more than one blog), It has photo-editing etc. I've had a 'play' with it so far, but intend to use it shortly with my Travel blog.

    I was very upset to find that the BlogPress app became defunct in March. I had paid to use that with my Travel blog in the past, and photos had been posted on the blog and hosted by the app. Those photos no longer show on the blog and have been lost from those posts. One day, when I have time, I'll have to go through and insert them again (by referring to the blog books I had very fortunately printed).

  • Carol Kendall 01 Mar 2016 10:54am () in Ready to Read Series

    Yikes! If the Blogger App has gone, I wonder if there is any significance to that....

  • Carol Kendall 15 Dec 2015 4:53pm () in Using Periscope to connect our community with school events

    An interesting link, covering several issues involved in using Periscope in education: What teachers need to know about Periscope. Contains links to other sites with information for beginners.

  • Carol Kendall 02 Dec 2015 9:31pm () in Using Periscope to connect our community with school events

    I am going to attempt another live broadcast from an iPad (using the Periscope app) for the first hour of our school's Christmas Market on this Friday 4 December.
 This event will involve students selling products that they have created this term, to sell as part of their Enterprise Education inquiry.

    I will try broadcasting from around 5pm to 6pm and hope to alert our school community that broadcasting is live via our Text alert system (which also appears on Facebook). You will (hopefully) be able to view the broadcast from the following web page (keep refreshing it to see if we are 'live'): https://www.periscope.tv/springstonsch You can also find a gadget on the side of our web page at http://www.springston.school.nz - keep refreshing that page, and check if the button says 'live'. Click on it to access the broadcast. If I am successful, recordings of the broadcasts will remain available for 24 hours on the first link above. Then they'll be uploaded to SpringstonTube. Broadcasts (if they work!) are dependent on wifi access, so may not work if we lose that connection. Fingers crossed!

  • Carol Kendall 15 Nov 2015 7:23pm () in Using Periscope to connect our community with school events

    An update for Justin and Nathaniel, and others who are interested in how Periscope live broadcasts might work for their school.

    I successfully (eventually) managed two recordings on Pet Day using Periscope via our School Twitter account. Be sure to broadcast using your school account, not your personal account! I can operate from either account if I wish - you just need to sign out, and then sign back in again with the account you want to use. I used email and a Twitter text to alert our school community, the day before, that I would be attempting a live broadcast.

    The first broadcast wouldn't connect on my iPad Air (got stuck on connecting to the video stream), but connected straight away when I gave up and tried with my iPhone 5S. I had turned off the data and stuck to wifi (didn't want to use up my personal data that would have been roaming on Vodafone, when I personally use 2 Degrees). The wifi worked even as I ventured out onto the field and away from the buildings, so that was good.

    I used the automatic Tweet feature to alert our community (and the world) that the broadcast was beginning. Many of our families subscribe to our school's text alerts which are sent out automatically via Twitter or Facebook. They could then follow a link to our Periscope web page with the live broadcast. We have to watch that we don't send out too many texts - usually a maximum of 1-2 per day, or usually fewer. So, I was conscious of that being a possible issue for some people.

    Because I didn't know how well or how long it would work for, I moved around quite quickly, and upon reflection I have found that I moved the camera/iPhone too quickly. To be fair, I was also trying to focus on just giving a general impression of the Pet Day, to get coverage of the range of animals, and avoid capturing too much video of students and families. We have only one family with serious concerns about being seen online, but I didn't want to push my luck. Some of the animals were difficult to see in their cages because of the darkness, so that was a shame.

    During the 40 minutes of that first broadcast, I had a total of 97 live viewers from around the world (I recognised only one name of a parent viewer, and subsequently heard of another viewer connected with the school). There were 4 replay viewers within the 24 hour replay period. I do think that the replays disappeared sooner than the 24 hours period they're meant to be available, so beware of that. We also had a grandparent who was disappointed to have missed the live broadcasts and 24 hour recordings, but who was thrilled to be able to watch the recordings I later uploaded to YouTube.

    For the second broadcast (5 minutes long), later in the morning, I had terrible problems getting a connection, on either device, but finally made it on my iPad Air and rushed outside to try and broadcast the Grand Parade.I had a total of 47 live viewers, and I recognised the name of one parent amongst the 8 replay viewers. Unfortunately, by the time I got outside for the Parade, it was all over and it took me a wee while to even realise. There was some bad lag during this recording, but I couldn't tell while I was doing it, only when reviewing the footage within the app later. I had brief online comments from a viewer in the UK, and you'll hear me mention them in my broadcast, when talking about a lamb in All Black costume (this was broadcast shortly before the Rugby World Cup Final).

    I had done both broadcasts using Periscope's new landscape mode, and saved both recordings to my Camera Roll. However, when I went to upload these recordings to our school's YouTube account, I found I needed to rotate them first. For some reason they save in Portrait mode! I emailed Periscope about this issue (they said it was normal.... and just to rotate the video somewhere else), and also enquired about the difficulties getting each broadcast started with the streaming video. They said that this would be a problem with our wifi network (quite possible as we are having issues, though no one else would have been using it during my broadcasts....) - we do have ultrafast broadband via N4L. Interestingly, the lag that occurred in my second broadcast, didn't show up in the video saved to my Camera Roll.

    Pet Day 2015 - Recording of Live Broadcast Part 1

    Pet Day 2015 - Recording of Live Broadcast Part 2

    Subsequently (and within the 24 hour period), I signed the school Twitter account up to Katch in order to capture the broadcasts automatically https://katch.me/springstonsch
    I suggest you sign up before your first broadcast, and tick the box in Katch to automatically 'Katch' or capture your Periscope broadcasts. I note that this seems to capture everything on your Periscope screen, including comments and hearts (unlike the videos on my Camera Roll). I guess you need to be careful about what comments are posted though, but there's not much you can do about it unless you do a private broadcast. That wouldn't have worked for our community because hardly any of our families use Twitter. It was good that people could watch via our Periscope webpage (https://www.periscope.tv/springstonsch ) showing the live broadcast, and the later replays within the 24 hour period.

    I'd love to solve the connection issues, and I might try again with one or two major school events coming up. We have a Market Day in December which might work well.

    I've love to hear if any other schools try this. Please follow us (@springstonsch), and notify us in this group if your school has an account and does a broadcast. I think this has the potential to be a really valuable tool for connecting with your community, even if they don't have the tools to follow directly through Periscope.


  • Carol Kendall 11 Nov 2015 9:14pm () in School Phone System

    We're looking seriously at VOIP too. I got some excellent, understandable background advice and suggestions from the Connected Learning Advisory today. Now I'm wondering how many schools out there have this system and how they're finding it in practice (apparently the school receptionist is the best person to ask)! I was also told to stick with VOIP in the cloud, not stored on our site.We are a school of around 250 students and 11-12 classrooms.


  • Carol Kendall 29 Oct 2015 4:24pm () in Using Periscope to connect our community with school events

    Tested this out twice this afternoon. Very slow (to the extent of giving up a few times) initializing the video stream.... But managed a couple of recordings, so look out for more tomorrow at https://www.periscope.tv/springstonsch . Remember, recordings are only live for 24 hours.

  • Carol Kendall 28 Oct 2015 11:05am () in Using Periscope to connect our community with school events

    On Friday 30 October, we have our annual Pet Day. I'm considering using Periscope to broadcast some of the happenings on the day - this broadcast is yet to be confirmed. I'll be limited by access to wifi, as out on our field where much of the action is happening, the wifi won't work (and I don't want to use up all my phone data!). But things will also be happening inside and around the classrooms.

    I'm thinking about how to manage this. I would notify parents through our newsletter, an email and a Tweet (@springstonsch). We currently only use our Twitter account for infrequent text alerts, and only those who have chosen to receive these will know. Anyone would be able to watch the broadcast on a computer by visiting our school Periscope profile (as yet unused) at https://www.periscope.tv/springstonsch and I have also added a widget to our school's home page.

    Have any other NZ teachers or schools tried using Periscope to connect with their community? I had a brief 'play' with it once, showing some robotics training that our students were doing. Several people from around the world 'looked in', and the students thought it was really cool. Am I going to run foul of privacy issues...?

  • Carol Kendall 12 Oct 2015 3:12pm () in Upgrading Teacher Laptops / Issues with TELA

    Aha. Yes. I was also comparing the retail values of the TELA models, as shown on the NZ Apple Store - $1499, compared to $1999.

    I provide my own Macbook Pro, because I'm part time (0.4) and have previously worked in several different jobs at once for different schools - easier this way and I get what I want and it's MINE.

    I tend to go for much higher spec, with the quality non-reflective screen, and extra RAM. I get the faster processors for video editing. I tend to have several apps on the go at once, and 2-3 browers with LOTS of tabs open. Mult-tasking....

  • Carol Kendall 12 Oct 2015 2:46pm () in Upgrading Teacher Laptops / Issues with TELA

    Hmm, they're not twice the price, Hamish (unless I have my wires crossed). More like half as much again... but still that's significant.

    TELA prices are listed here (incl GST)

    Current price per quarter for our older TELA Macbook Pros      $82.37        
    New Base model (Macbook Air 4GB Ram)      $71.94 (ie $10.43 per quarter less than in the past 3 years)
    Upgrade model Macbook Pro Retina   $103.70 (ie $21.33 more per quarter than what we have been paying in the past, and $31.76 more per quarter than the new base price for the Macbook Air)


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