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  • Carol Kendall 25 Jul 2017 2:52pm () in iPad music group performance mix?

    Ha - wow - thanks for pulling that out again, and the link to your page with the additional resources is awesome. This music performance stuff isn't something that comes naturally to me, but I used to do classroom orchestra work in my classroom (back in the day) using 'real' school instruments of the day such as recorders, glockenspiels, shakers, drums etc. I'd like to do something similar with a small group and just using iPads.

  • Carol Kendall 24 Jul 2017 7:47pm () in iPad music group performance mix?

    Excellent, thank you Linda! Gosh, I had no idea there were so many types of cables and connectors. It certainly is something I've been wondering about. I've just heard back from Ash as well, so will put the ideas together and try to sort something out. This information should be useful for everyone!

    Do you have students doing this? Anything little video clips of the students in action? Would love to see what Kiwi kids are doing with iPad music performances.

  • Carol Kendall 20 Jul 2017 10:08am () in Educational simulation software and tools?

    I'm wondering what simulation software teachers are using at the moment. I'm particularly interested in ideas for primary school students of all ages. 

    I'm thinking not only of ideas like Google Expeditions (and other VR experiences - for that matter, what tools are you using for these and do you have small sets for classes to borrow). But also experiences linked to particular curriculum areas - eg Science, or more generally such as older tools like SimCity. Also Minecraft.

    What else is out there now, that is being used in our classrooms successfully? Or, what are you trying out yourselves?

  • Carol Kendall 18 Jul 2017 7:47pm () in iPad music group performance mix?

    Ah yes! Great idea, thanks Innes!

  • Carol Kendall 18 Jul 2017 4:32pm () in iPad music group performance mix?

    Thanks for the quick response, Rachel. At this stage, I'm not so much looking at composition, but performance as a band and how to connect several devices without relying on the internet. My lack of knowledge in this area is preventing this happening. 

  • Carol Kendall 18 Jul 2017 4:12pm () in iPad music group performance mix?

    I would love to try creating a small iPad music 'band', with perhaps 5 or 6 students on their own iPads, playing instruments. I am 'barely' a musician, and certainly don't know the terminology for the equipment I would need, but I think I would need to join each iPad with an audio cable, to some sort of mixer (?) (so we could control the balance of the instruments being played), and then into a speaker - could be mono or stereo? I have a large speaker that would be fine for now.

    I don't want to rely on wifi or bluetooth connections, so I know I'll need to get the audio cables, and this will mean an issue with the length of the cables being adequate for people to be able to sit or stand apart to perform. More cost, too...

    I would like to do something simple, but along the lines of North Point's iBand Christmas Performance. Or BHS's iPad band (with a lot fewer students)!

    Is there anything available in New Zealand (mixer?, assuming that's what I need) that is under $200 that would do the job? Are any of you doing this with primary school children? 

  • Carol Kendall 18 Jul 2017 3:09pm () in Free 3D design CAD software opinions and recommendations?

    Hi there - we're looking at the availability of 3D design and printing software (having used nothing previously). I'm keen to have students designing products, and being able to have them printed elsewhere (at least until we have our own 3D printer).

    I'm told that the very popular 123D Design software is no longer available (especially for Mac) - it has been withdrawn by the developer (Autodesk). An alternative is apparently Tinkercad. This latter has the advantage (and disadvantage) of being available online - but is not (I am told) as good as the aforementioned software, and can cause reliability issues for less powerful computers and wifi/internet. It also requires accounts for users. Should we consider Fusion 360

    Does anyone here have any gems of wisdom to contribute on this topic?

  • Carol Kendall 28 Mar 2017 5:04pm () in Chromebook management

    This thread has been inactive for a couple of years, but I'm interested to know what tips schools have now, for setting up their Chromebooks via the Management Console. Do the above tips still stand? What else would you add?

  • Carol Kendall 23 Mar 2017 5:26pm () in Lightspeed

    We began using Lightspeed at Springston School from the beginning of this year. It was set up by Cyclone (our Tech people) over the Christmas break and was ready to go for the start of this year. 

    We have around 70 iPads in the system, grouped according to learning teams, and with subgroups within those for older iPad2s and newer iPad Airs (because some apps can't go on older devices). 

    I had been waiting for an MDM that could place apps in folders and on screens where we want them - not using the scatter-gun approach. We do use a lot of apps - mostly open-ended and creative ones. 

    Lightspeed also locks down the placement of apps on a device so they can't be messed with by students.

    Apps and other settings are quickly and easily pinged out to apps wirelessly. It has saved me hours of time (though I did spend many hours at the start saying what apps we had that needed to be transferred from VPP codes into licences, saying which Team was to have which app and in which folder etc).

    A feature that we discovered this week, is to be able to add Homescreen bookmarks (with whatever image design you want) to websites you might want students to go to. And lock these where you want them to be placed. So, it's not just apps.

    There is quite a large set up cost, but it is a big job if you're complicated like us/me. And there is an ongoing per iPad cost. But, so far, it's been very worth it and we're very happy.

  • Carol Kendall 22 Mar 2017 3:10pm () in Mathematics learning Progressions

    Hi there

    What you have done sounds amazing - a HUGE job - very comprehensive! Our school is currently on this journey too, and if you'd be willing to share even a small example of something you've created, we'd be very appreciative. We're keen to see how you've set things out and included everything, and perhaps an example of a sheet that you give to students. If you are able, I'd love you to contact me via my school email. Thanks so much.

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