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Anne Ditcher's discussion posts

  • Anne Ditcher 17 May 2013 10:21am () in Blog links


    We have a class blog and individual blogs and, like Karen, our class blog has links down the side to the individual blogs. Our class blog is room7rps.blogspot.co.nz. Please visit us and comment.

    We tried Quadblogging but it wasn't successful because all our holidays were different to those of the Northern hemisphere. I would love to do something similar amongst ourselves. I set up the blogging system so the kids could have an authentic audience for their work but we get few comments.

    We are a Google school with Hapara Teacher Dashboard, so all our senior kids have Google accounts with gmail, docs, blogger etc. Creating individual blogs was initially time-consuming as it had to be done manually but with Dashboard I can easily monitor what they are posting on their blogs. I moderate all comments before they are published but that's not a big kob as we don't yet have a lot of comments.


  • Anne Ditcher 31 Aug 2012 1:17pm () in iTranslate Voice HD

    We had similar problems with apps not working at school but being Ok at home. We do have a proxy server and we thought it might be the source of the problem. In the end I called in a Smart Computers techie (Smarts look after our server). He burrowed around electronically and found that the apps were trying to use server ports that were closed. So he opened them. It's been fine since then, everything works at school. We still go through the proxy server but no more problems with apps.

  • Anne Ditcher 02 May 2012 10:07am () in Getting to know each other

    Hi. I am a year 7/8 teacher at Riccarton Primary School. We are very much a multicultural school, with about 25% Pasifika, 15% Maori, 35% pakeha, 15% Asian and the rest are 'other'. Currently I have 12 Pasifika children, 1 from the Philipines, 1 from Japan, and several others who were born in NZ but whose parents were not. I myself immigrated from Britain 30 years ago.

    For several years I have been interested in increasing the achievement levels of my Pasifika children. In 2010 and 2011 I was a member of a Networked Learning Community between Riccarton Primary and Riccarton High Schools (in 2011 we were joined by Wharenui Primary) that was working to improve the liaison between the schools so as to ensure our Pasifika children have a positive transition from Primary to High School.

    I am currently in my second year of studying the Graduate Certificate in TEAL (Teaching English as an Additional Language) part time through Massey. I am finding it hard going at the moment because of the time commitment, but I keep going in the hope it will make me a better classroom teacher, especially for my NESB children. I am also interested in using ICT in the classroom and as a school we are in the final year of an ICT Contract.

    I have joined this group to further my knowledge and experience in working with NESB kids and with ICT.

    Anne Ditcher