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  • Catherine Hannagan 02 Jun 2011 3:30pm () in EduCampNZ Takeaways

    I was there as much to see how an unconference works as for e-learning-related matters...and I LOVED the way it worked. It's very democratic in that it enables participation for everyone through not charging registration fees and allows people to make the most of the event for themselves by creating the sessions based on the interests and needs of those who show up on the day. Having the freedom to leave (because neither you or your institution is paying) meant we were all there because we wanted to be...and we wnated to be there because the conversations were enriching, enlightening, inspiring.

    Apart from the format itself, my main takeaway is an increased participation in Social networking for my own professional learning - thanks for that, Karen! I especially enjoyed being part of a break-away group of three lookng at the potential of Twitter for that purpose, the other two being teenage girls.

Catherine Hannagan

Part-time adviser in Learning Languages at Accent Learning for part of the year; canal-boatie for the other part.