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  • sansam 24 Jun 2013 10:24am () in Setting up contact groups

    We set up a spreadsheet of addresses for contacts and imported them into contacts.

    You can send the file to each teacher and get them to import the contacts in.

    That is how we did it.  Not sure if there is an easier way.

  • sansam 24 Jun 2013 10:20am () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    The teacher dashboard provides a great monitoring system of all docs, blogs, and blog comments.

    It is easy for a teacher to open up a doc and provide instant feedback and feed forward on children's writing.
    There is certainly a safety aspect to it, but more importantly makes it easier to access children's work and provide ongoing feedback.
    We have just begun using the Remote Control part of dashboard as well, which lets us see what webpages children have open on their browsers (in Chrome) and enables teachers to send  direct messages to child, open webpages on all children's netbooks as well as closing them when needed.
    When our children leave the school they provide us with a gmail address (with parent permission) so we are able to hand over administrator rights to blogs.  Docs aren't as easy to transfer to a new account as yet not able to transfer ownership of a document unless you are still in the same domain (the school ). Hopefully google may change this as it would make life a lot easier.
    Would be interested to hear what other schools do to roll over accounts.
  • sansam 04 Sep 2012 6:51pm () in Assessing the effectiveness of iPads / increased technology in the classroom.

    Jennie this ia a great link relating to an inquiry into ipad use in the junior school.


  • sansam 23 Aug 2012 5:58pm () in Using e-Learning to improve fluency in reading

    We just had this very discussion today, videoing with ipad was top of list, fotobabble, using easispeak microphones - kids love them, garageband - straight recording their voice - just a few!

  • sansam 18 Jun 2012 7:27am () in Using Google Docs to Create QR Codes

    Can you please post link? Thanks.

  • sansam 26 Feb 2012 10:41pm () in Using Blogger - ideas and advice

    We have two digital classes who are trialling using individual blogs this year as e-portfolios.  We have Google Apps in school so all blogs come under our school domain making it legal for the children to have them.  Posts and comments are monitored by teachers through the "Teacher Dashboard"  designed by Hapara.  This costs approximately $4 per child, but is worth it's weight in gold as teachers instant access to all docs created and blog posts and comments. Children are only authors of the blogs, so if they want to "bling" their blogs they are signed in by teachers as a reward to do this.  This was an idea shared by Dorothy Burt and works fantastically.

  • sansam 06 Dec 2011 10:20pm () in iPads in the Junior Classroom

    I love using story kit. It's free. Kids draw a picture, type a story and record voice. They learn to use this so quickly. Can add multiple stories to make a book and then share via a blog or wiki. 

  • sansam 29 Nov 2011 6:30pm () in Charging Solutions

    Great ideas for iPads,  and I guess because they come with power adapters a bit easier . What about your touches?

  • sansam 29 Nov 2011 12:38pm () in Charging Solutions

    We are purchasing some ipads and ipods for use in our school next year.  Just wondering what systems others have in place for charging of multiple devices?

  • sansam 21 Aug 2011 8:51pm () in PRT process via elearning

    We have a couple of teachers who are exploring my portfolio to record PRT progress. I'm sure they would be more than happy to share.

    Sandy McFadyen
    Parkvale School