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Andrea Tapsell's discussion posts

  • Andrea Tapsell 18 Jun 2016 7:45pm () in What is collaborative inquiry?

    Hi Tessa, We are currently using a 'reflective' coaching model.  After visits teachers are given the opportunity to engage in reflective practice and record these reflections, then this forms the basis for our coaching sessions.  We are working with Nga Poumanawa e Waru and about to engage in some PD around reflective questioning.  We are also moving to teachers videoing their own lessons, or choosing who they wish to video the lesson.  Eventually we hope we will have teachers visiting, coaching each other.  Still a way to go but we are slowly moving that way.


  • Andrea Tapsell 06 Jun 2016 8:19pm () in What is collaborative inquiry?

    Within our school, all teachers are currently engaged in TAI's.  I have read your post with interest as, our team is currently doing a collaborative inquiry around writing.  Essentially we are following the ALL model, however each teacher has selected a specific area from Michael Absolutes arch - one teacher is looking at clarity around learning outcomes while another is looking at reflective practice.  As a team leader, it is refreshing to see that we have all but engaged in most of what Nick Rate suggests is required in a collaborative inquiry to raise student achievement.  

    As part of our team meetings we discuss and collaborate our findings, support and suggest ways to develop learning around the specific clarity in the classroom aspect.  Using the ALL model, this make our collaborative inquiry manageable as teachers we are able to use this as a model for teaching, yet be able to adapt, change or modify from any observations, discussions or feedback given.

    The benefits I have seen from our collaboration are:

    1. We all see the same picture with regard to data.
    2. Clear goals have been set with specific time frames
    3. Team members able to discuss where everyone is at
    4. Problems identified and teachers supported
    5. Successes shared/modelled so can be replicated
    6. Teachers engaged in active reflection
  • Andrea Tapsell 06 Jun 2013 11:04pm () in The great BYOD debate

    After attending the XPO conference, for us, BOYD is off the menu for the immediate future - we will be a SPD school - School Provides Device (just to add in another acroynm)   One session attended had some thought provoking research that if one is thinking of using BOYD to save costs, think again, the research shows in fact it was costing schools more as they grappled with putting in systems to manage BOYD.     

  • Andrea Tapsell 11 May 2013 7:14pm () in Chrome books

    I attended a workshop on these late last year.  Unless things have changed, if you just want a tool to access the intenet and specific items by google, then it will do the job.  You cannot load any software onto the Chromebook (well that was the way it was presented to us) so I couldn't really see why one would want to spend the money on simple a device that is in my view, a tad limited in its overall use.

    Also it reeked of too much control by Google and personally wouldn't consider them as an option for our school, unless these have radically changed from what we were told last year.