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  • Michael Barbour 07 Aug 2012 2:21pm () in Monitoring your online programme

    Darren, if this was something that the various clusters were interested in, I would be willing to collect the existing surveys that each cluster uses, combine them into a single instrument, share it with the ePrincipals for feedback, and then once we had a final version I'd be happy to manage the collection of data.  A common instrument and a single data collection process would allow you to make comparisons between how course X in your cluster was being perceived by students compared to all versions of course X being offered or the overall perceptions of your cluster's courses, compared to an overall VLN average (which could also be broken down by subject area).

    All I'd ask in return is the ability to use that data - beyond providing the individual clusters with reports at their request - to present and publish from.


  • Michael Barbour 12 Jun 2012 11:09am () in Communication

Michael Barbour

Michael Barbour is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at Wayne State University who researches primary and secondary distance learning.