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  • itpdsandy 04 Nov 2011 10:59am () in Take the 30 day challenge

    Hi Tessa

    What would I look for when recruiting new staff?  A couple of things spring to mind.  Having worked with Julia Atkin in the past I would value the ability of an applicant to show alignment / coherence between his/her vision for learning, the principles which sit behind this vision through to the practices in the classroom.  So whether it be in a cv or an interview I would ask an applicant to talk about his/her classroom practice from this perspective.  How do you "walk the talk" is another way you could put it.  

    Putting forward a cv which stands out from the crowd, whether it be interactive or online, or in a creative format will always get my attention.  Of course their must be some "meat in the  sandwich" as well.  A well presented cv, to me, is directly relational to how much the person wants the job and shows how much time and effort someone is willing to put into a task to present a high quality outcome.