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Suskya Goodall's discussion posts

  • Suskya Goodall 18 Dec 2013 6:20am () in Best way to transfer video from the ipad to windows laptop?

    The old USB cord trick certainly works a treat. I find it easiest and fastest to upload videos onto my YouTube account, which are linked to our google accounts. That way I can link it straight to class or student blogs, twitter feeds, etc. Good luck! 

  • Suskya Goodall 23 Oct 2013 6:31pm () in Blog posts - protocols for leaving comments

    I have it set up so all comments get sent to me to be moderated before going on the blog. I agree with Justine that expectations are important. In Term 1, we created a SC for an effective comment. Then students worked with me to choose which comments were and were not appropriate. However, now that my class have created and used the criteria effectively, they have ownership to moderate comments within one of my literacy rotations. I have to add that I have a pretty reliable Yr7-8 class and still check weekly what has been approved, but so far so good. All students also moderate their own learning blogs using the agreed criteria and make good choices most of the time. I'm big on ownership! 

  • Suskya Goodall 24 Sep 2013 6:17pm () in Team Teaching

    I'm in Wellington and teaching Yr7-8. My team have done some team teaching this year and would love to discuss this with other schools, whatever the age. Happy to email or skype...



  • Suskya Goodall 17 Sep 2013 2:42pm () in Google Dashbaord

    Thanks Lis! 

    It was great to share Dashboard and to hear how we're using it in different ways with different ages.

    Happy for people to chat, observe or have a play with teacher dashboard at Raroa if it helps with ideas.

    :) Suskya

  • Suskya Goodall 31 Aug 2013 8:41am () in BYOD Pedagogy | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Morning all, 

    I'm Suskya Goodall from Raroa Intermediate. We've been on a rollercoaster journey with our LMS, infrastructure and BYOD over the past 12 months. Right now, I'm thrilled and hearing from you about your journeys has reaffirmed we're heading in the right direction for our vision and values.

    This time last year we were using KnowledgeNet as our LMS. After implementing a change to Google Apps with Hapara for Teacher Dashboard, 2013 got off to a great start. It has been significant PD for our teachers with knowledge, skills and pedagogcial changes, but very worth it. We have appreciated Hapara's openness to our recommended improvements. Most classes have blogs, sites or both and we are looking at using these as personalised portfolios/learning journals for students next year. I personally believe it is critical that our students learn to participate in a global community rather than a closed one and am excited about this learning journal development.

    We have not been SNUPed, nor are we on the list, so with an average of 4 points per room and UFB already, we have gone ahead with what we need. The waiting game wasn't worth falling behind our strategic goals and aims. Luckily, we have an understanding and inspiring BOT! Using Ruckus for our wifi networks was proving expensive to continue and with all but 10 APs taken out by the July storm (only 7 were new enough to last for 2 years), we evaluated our wifi system. A couple of site surveys later, we had an Aerohive system installed as they came in marginally cheaper than Ruckus, with more APs where we needed them, greater coverage of area and we can manage most of it ourselves. I would love to hear from other schools using Aerohive and how to best manage it for BYOD as we are learning as we go.

    Last year we trialled having two networks from our fortinet, school and BYOD. Our system was lethargic so we turned BYOD off in Term 1. Now with our new infrastructure we have two systems running smoothly and are going to full school BYOD by the end of this term. Parent information, support evenings, student usership and teacher PD around using our BYOD capacity for the greatest learning possibilities are our current foci for this implementation. As we have contributing schools using various platforms and believe students need to select the best tool for their learning purpose, we are going to have minimum spec requirements for devices, change levels for break times for multiplatform devices. After talks with a local college using BYOD, we are wondering about how to ensure students aren't doing significant uploading or downloading. One idea was to have 30 min wifi, disconnect for 30 secs, 30 mins, etc. How do local council networks do this and what does this mean for us? How do other schools manage this?

    At our IT cluster meeting last week, there were discussions around BYOD. It was interesting to note that some schools are focusing on the devices that are being brought by students, others on the required PD needed. I agree with Angela and Mark that our vision and values is the core of making decisions involved in BYOD. I am thrilled to be at this place, but know we have a long way to go.

    Thanks for starting this discussion. Love the ideas. Love to hear more...


  • Suskya Goodall 14 Jun 2013 12:09pm () in Apple tv

    Just a thought John about the issue... After some a Ruckus conference last year, I now have a different understanding on the importance of where we place our APs and fixed devices. You may want to do a site survey if you to do a quick check of where the best places for large fixed devices are or if APs need to be added or moved. :)

  • Suskya Goodall 13 Jun 2013 5:36pm () in Storage of students documents

    Dropbox or ggl drive seem to be the easiest for us with our iPads, macs and PC laptops. Adding to Julie's ideas with accounts and folders, all our students have a gmail account which includes ggl drive as an app and to manage our student documents and other media more effiecintly we've started using Hapara. That way I can see all the work within student 'literacy', 'maths', etc folders at once in one pageview, including when it was last worked on, who has commented, etc.

  • Suskya Goodall 31 May 2013 6:11pm () in Teacher dashboards

    Hey Rebecca, 

    This year Raroa began using Hapara Teacher Dashboard. We've found it helpful in sending, managing and communicating information with students in our classes and throughout the school. We're currently running PD to develop our feedback potential, which is because of our use of Hapara.

    Although I'm in Wellington and just started with our teacher dashboard journey, I'd be happy to email or Skype if you want more information from our perspective. I'm suskya@gmail.com if you want to get in touch.

    Good luck. :)

  • Suskya Goodall 15 Feb 2013 8:18am () in Email student use-agreement

    We are also recreating our student user agreements. We've decided to start from our schl vision and values and use the new Netsafe student agreement content to provide the details. It's working for us so far. I'll share it when it's complete.

  • Suskya Goodall 23 Apr 2012 6:47pm () in Austin's Butterfly: How can tech support the feedback process?

    After seeing the impact of modelling and expecting students to provide effective feedback and forward last year, this year it is my mission to take it further.

    My Year 7-8 class have been blogging in term 1 and discussed what makes an effective blog comment. This term we are using knowledgenet and blogging for students to provide their own evidence of learning, so the obvious next step was a feedback focus. Students looked at all of the blog comments and rated them - causing an exhessive debate! They chose a peer to be their feedback buddy and away we went!

    We explored the purpose of feedback before groups of students created their 'ultimate feedback criteria'. This was collated on a ggl doc and we came up with our feedback criteria. We now use this on our blog, our KN evidence of learning and all peer feedback in class. We encourage blog visitors and parents commenting on our KN to use it too!

    I have been pleasantly surprised at how specific, constructively critical their feedback is and how accurate students are with the next steps they are providing on KN! I've been so engaged by this process - I feel like I am now just facilitating!