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Hilary Rodley's discussion posts

  • Hilary Rodley 29 Nov 2015 9:05am () in Sharing Resources

    it's affiliated to the NZ primary teachers Facebook group, also a great resource.  The password is sharenz.

  • Hilary Rodley 01 Jun 2015 10:10pm () in Google Photos

    I was under the impression that it didn't work unless you were Google plus.  Certainly when it first came out I read that somewhere in the help info.

  • Hilary Rodley 19 Feb 2015 7:33am () in Class Blog

    Hi Kate,

    We use Google Apps through our school (1:1 in Y5-8) and I have used blogger/blogspot (same thing) with years 3 upwards, they have all found it quite straightforward and we like the way it integrates with their google accounts.  If the children have their own Google accounts within your school GAFE domain, it is very easy to set up.  I have tried kidblog but never really got on with it for some reason.  Not to say it's not useful!


  • Hilary Rodley 30 Jan 2015 11:24am () in GAFE

    Hi there,

    I use dinopass.com to generate kid friendly passwords and don't let the kids change them.  Then teachers have a list of passwords in case anybody forgets theirs.  It also means that teachers can set them up with the same password if they are using Sumdog or whatever.  Just another way of doing things.


  • Hilary Rodley 09 Nov 2014 11:41am () in Storage for Chromebooks - Help!

    Hi, we converted old cupboards with partitions like Hamish's above.  We can fit our 60 BYOD chromebooks in quite easily - can post a photo when I'm back at school if it's helpful.


  • Hilary Rodley 31 Oct 2014 4:13pm () in Best Chromebook Model - 2 vs 4 Gb

    Hi there,

    We have had the Samsungs this year but have heard from a couple of industry sources that Samsung NZ will no longer be importing them.  So there may be some still in the country, but you have to wonder about support etc from here on.

    Next year we are going with the HP 11".  They feel robust and we have been offered them at a good price.

  • Hilary Rodley 16 Sep 2014 9:28pm () in Maths Support Groups

    Hi, I use iPads in Maths Support lessons in a few ways.  the students use Explain Everything to record thinking, we use virtual manipulatives apps, e.g. Number Pieces, Fraction Wall, Number Rack etc and sometimes Khan Academy. I also use it to photograph/video students demonstrating their understanding using equipment.



  • Hilary Rodley 14 Sep 2014 7:42pm () in Teacher Dashboard

    Hi Tineke,

    We use Teacher Dashboard in our year 5-8 "Hub".  The students have 1:1 chromebooks.  The students have a homegroup and rotate around different teachers for Literacy, Maths and Inquiry.  Teacher Dashboard manages this beautifully.  Each teacher can see the students that are in their own groups for each subject and the folders are set up in the students' drives to suit.  Teachers also have access to each others' groups.  We haven't had extra hidden costs.


  • Hilary Rodley 22 Jun 2014 6:03pm () in Chromebooks for Yr 1-3 Versus Ipads for Yr1-3

    I agree completely with Hamish.  We have 1:1 chromebooks in Y5-8 and ipads in our Y1-4 classes, as well as a COW of 16 laptops.  Our Y3/4 class use GAFE on the laptops and are reasonably ok though some of the Y3's find it tricky.  But GAFE with Y1-2 would be pretty hard I think.  

    The apps on the ipads are really great with the younger children and just so easy to use.

  • Hilary Rodley 13 Apr 2014 6:32pm () in Which devices are best fro GAFE

    Hi, we have introduced BYOD with GAFE into our Y5-8 syndicate this year.  We opted for Samsung Chromebooks and it is working really well.  The students charge them at home and bring them fully charged each morning and they have plenty of battery life.  The students have had no issues doing everything they have wanted to do.