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Tim Morgan's discussion posts

  • Tim Morgan 13 Feb 2014 9:44pm () in wondered if others saw value in a mentor approach to the latest Expert Teacher ideas

    I would like to provide expert teacher support via google hangouts. This would allow me to moderate what is delivered and assessed in an area that is often not so well delivered.

    Do you think this might be of use?

  • Tim Morgan 27 Feb 2012 9:17pm () in 2012 PD

    Hi all 


    I will running some courses with UC Ed Plus this year 

    Dates are 9 May (TGFU), June 13 (ICT in PE), July 2 (My Best Games) and August 1 (Engaging the Reluctant PE-er)

    I am also thinking about running a training day for student councils who want to learn some great games and activities that they can run in school lunchtimes.

    Keep an eye out for the information coming soon 

  • Tim Morgan 11 Feb 2012 3:48pm () in PE PD 2012

    I might be doing a few workshops for UC Education Plus this year - anyone got any ideas of what be worth having as workshop topics?

  • Tim Morgan 03 Oct 2011 9:38pm () in Game Resources

    dangerous to talk about payment being connected to outcomes - although maybe we would all work in low decile schools because those kids can usually fling a discuss or two.

  • Tim Morgan 03 Oct 2011 8:50pm () in Athletics

    Hi all 


    I have been thinking about reinventing athletics to make it less about sitting in lines and more about participating in a skill focussed session (lots of peer feedback and whatnot). If you would be interested let me now. I will then think about typing it all up - otherwise I plan to continue experimenting on the back field>

  • Tim Morgan 02 Oct 2011 8:30am () in Game Resources

    As many schools will be thinking athletics at the moment I wondered how many are sick of having 26 kids waiting in a line will 1 or 2 have a go.

    If athletics was a paid by the hour job we'd all sign up.

    Let me know if you would like some ideas about hour to actually make athletics a high participation activity.

    Otherwise - sit in the line, don't throw grass and wait

  • Tim Morgan 03 Jun 2011 6:45pm () in Getting started- adding your blog address

    Hi everyone - i am interested in sharing experiences and ideas that spark from playing the everyday normal PE games. You can join the wiki www.porthillscollaborate.wikispaces.com or join my group "game sequences" to find some great ideas for leaving the screen and running around.

  • Tim Morgan 12 Jun 2011 9:46pm () in Game Resources

    You will find some of the same content from the wiki on the Game Sequences group page. The Game Sequences resources are intended as a  teachers how to guide, while the wiki is a tool to use with the students.Feel free to join both - it all comes to my email so there's not really much difference.