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Stephen Soutar's discussion posts

  • Stephen Soutar 31 May 2012 9:53am () in Building reflective practice: 30 day challenge


    We are just beginning to formailse our teaching as inquiry which seems exactly like reflective practice but with a focus on the classroom.  However, I think reflective practice can be formal or informal.  it can be something deliberately planned or reflecting on the go.  The difference is the planning e.g. you may be doing a presentation or dealing with conflict resolution and something goes wrong.  In the moment you may make a mental note to adjust that for future reference.  I think we all do that at many times of the day.  formalising it is giving more time to be reflective, accessing research or data and recording this as evidence.

    As a principal  I expect some formalised reflection so I can see what the teachers thinking is based on, this gives me an indication if they are on the right track or require coaching.

  • Stephen Soutar 28 May 2012 3:57pm () in VLN PD

    To all lead teachers.  I did hear there was doubt that I would actually run the staff through the VLN, rather I would pass this responsibility on to Raina.  Be assured that on the 28/5/2012 I did indeed do this & two teachers had to join up.  They are now joining groups and learnt to create a discussion.  I hope this now builds the faith in you that principals are ICT savvy and not just making up stories for their milestones!

    Enjoy your meeting and if anyone needs help by all means send me a request.

  • Stephen Soutar 15 May 2012 2:43pm () in How best to search on the net?

    I remember being on a course and hearing that there are ways to write your search on google or search engines so you get better information rather than millions of results.  It's about being specific with your search to get the information you want. There was also talk about identifying who the author of the site was so students could determine if the information was valid.  I want to be able to add the ideas into our digital learning strategy.  Any ideas appreciate

  • Stephen Soutar 07 May 2012 9:47pm () in How can we foster home school partnerships?

    This is my first comment ever on the VLN even though I joined up last year.  I have read thru all the comments and have found some very good ideas that I will adopt at my school.  As far as building the partnership with the home, our school has been successful by doing everything by bribing children to encourage their parents along.  Rewards are offered to children and they pester their parents to attend.  We also ensure there is some form of entertainment or caregiving for their children.  Our next plan is to have the children presenting so parents are intrinsically motivated to show up.