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  • Karen Russell 05 Mar 2014 10:55am () in BYOD policy and terms of use parent/student agreement

    Hi Kier

    We had a soft launch of BYOD last year and the journey is ongoing. Uptake, as always, varies according to need - so if a teacher is expecting and building in opportunities for use of devices, the process is faster. We have a few bookable half class sets of chrome books and ipads to supplement student devices if the classroom activity lends itself to it.

    I am facilitating a BYOD Professional Learning Group (in house) this year with the aim of getting more students to not just bring devices but to use them for learning purposes. Initaiily we assumed too much. Students don't necessarily know as much as we expect. TEachers do need some basic trouble shooting skills. etc.

    Our school wide Cybersafety agreement is based on the Netsafe template and replaced our User Agreement. All students, staff and parents sign up.