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ainsley massarotto's discussion posts

  • ainsley massarotto 24 May 2011 5:38pm () in To blog or nor to blog?

    I've been having a discussion with some friends (both teachers and non-teachers) about whether blogging is considered homework. Some argued that it is just mucking around on the computer, there is no need to write correctly and it may be helping to form bad habits. Others argued that least their kids are writing and reading, no matter the quality. I'm just not sure


  • ainsley massarotto 16 Jun 2011 8:42am () in What makes a good web 2.0 tool?

    I think it has to be uncomplicated and easily accessible allowing it to be a joy to use. I like it when they readily change to meet user's needs as technology grows. When you can personalise it, use it in a variety of ways and it looks good then its probably about perfect!!