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  • Rachel O'Connell 02 Feb 2014 1:04pm () in Notability

    Thanks so much for sharing.  I love how open everyone is on VLN to collaborating!!

  • Rachel O'Connell 01 Feb 2014 10:22pm () in Setting up a new blog

    I've done both and find that keeping the same blog going is MUCH EASIER and time efficient.  The first couple of years my colleague and I created new blogs each year but that meant re-loading links to all of the websites etc that we wanted our students to have direct access to via our blog.  We see no issues with keeping the same blog as all posts are archived in the year that they were created so you don't lose anything.  Hope this helps

  • Rachel O'Connell 01 Feb 2014 4:09pm () in Notability

    Hi there, we are just beginning on our iPad journey and I would love any advice on the app Notability.  I know the mechanics of how it works but am interested to hear how teachers USE this app in their classroom as a teaching tool.  Kind regards, Rachel

  • Rachel O'Connell 19 Aug 2013 5:41pm () in Spelling

    Spellosaur for sure.  I just have the free version for my own children but would happily pay for the school edition if we were lucky enough to have ipads

  • Rachel O'Connell 08 Aug 2013 9:56pm () in iPad app to replace black teacher folder (primary school)?

    Thanks so much for sharing Claire.  Just wondering if you could give me a quick tip on how to begin creating a template?  Been using google docs for a while but nothing this fancy with all the tabs etc. Cheers, Rachel

  • Rachel O'Connell 02 Jun 2013 5:02pm () in Dropbox and/or Google apps Teacher Taskboard

    Hi, just wondering - what are the benefits for your class of using Dropbox as well as Google apps? Is one preferrable? I know that with Dropbox it is a place to save their work and access anytime anywhere, but is Google apps not the same? Would appreciate any feedback before launching our class into using one or other, or both!

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