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Enabling e-Learning's discussion posts

  • Enabling e-Learning 09 Sep 2011 2:55pm () in Do you flip your classroom?!

    Found this great infographic [via the Knewton Blog] that describes what a flipped classroom might look like and how technology can support it...

    The Flipped Classroom

    Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

  • Enabling e-Learning 09 Sep 2011 11:20am () in Amended Copyright Act (1994)

    If you want the official words, as it were, it might be useful for interested folk to pop into the Netsafe group - Sean Lyons (Netsafe) has started a thread and provided a link to useful resources.

    The Ministry's e-Learning groups on the VLN will be maintaining strong links with Netsafe, going forward, to make sure we join up our thinking:-)

  • Enabling e-Learning 09 Sep 2011 11:17am () in What do schools need to know about copyright?

    Your input is really appreciated, Sean. Good to get it 'from the horse's mouth', as it were. I'll be linking through to this from the e-Learning groups.

    Cheers, Karen

  • Enabling e-Learning 25 Aug 2011 10:36am () in How are you fostering effective teacher learning?

    To build a strong house, you need all the walls to be strong, and well built.You can work on each wall individually, and one wall may be started or finished before another, but they are always built with an eye on the whole house.

    I really like the way Dunedin City Rise cluster have managed their professional development, as described in their reflective summary (thanks, Diane Mills here). She makes the point very clearly that professional learning is intertwined - and therefore, must be aligned - with a range of other dimensions across the school - leadership, infrastructure development, community engagement....

    I wonder how other schools manage the 'wall building'? How do you make sure that the different dimensions develop together, to make sure professional learning is aligned with a bigger picture?

  • Enabling e-Learning 23 Aug 2011 12:40pm () in Hands-up if you are leading e-learning in your school

    As we know, there's power in crowds - and it's more fun if we work together.......

    While the 82+ of us can't yet dance together on screenSmile, it would be great to start to make connections with each other in this space. Everyone in this group has an interest in leading e-learning in their school/cluster. Let's see who's doing what.

    I'm inviting you to pop in and post:

    • Who you are (linked to your VLN profile page)
    • What you/your school's e-learning focus is this term
    • One aspect that is going well is....
    • A challenge/question that I/we am facing is.....

    Stand up and be counted - and we can choreograph the discussion togetherWink

  • Enabling e-Learning 19 Aug 2011 3:27pm () in Questions to ask to become more informed about Parents/whanau views on children's on line learning

    I have popped in and made some additions. I'll watch this with interest:-)

    btw, you can also use the 'Pages' tool here in the VLN whch works like a wiki/Google doc - anyone can pop in an edit.Smile

  • Enabling e-Learning 18 Aug 2011 9:35am () in QR Codes: How do you use yours?

    Here are a few ideas that have been kicked around this week in the MLE Reference group forum, for using QR Codes:

    • They can hold a geographic location, and the smart phone will open the appropriate app and show the location when the code is read. 
    • They can hold and instruction for the phone to dial a number or send an SMS to a number, or send an email to an address (phone user must confirm, so can't use for evil stuff)
    • They can hold contact information for addition to phone's address book.
    • I have user QR for these on my Android, probably there are more uses. There are online utilities to take your info as input and create the QR code for you e.g. http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/   [Mike Etheridge]

    Fun uses:
       - Put QR codes next to trees/plants around the school that link to info
       about that species of  (or any other natural or man made object to learn
       more about them and their history)
       - Use QR codes for a treasure hunt where students have to answer
       questions correctly to get the clue to find the next QR code
       - Use QR codes on equipment that link to pages that describe what the
       equipment does and how to operate
       - Put QR codes on the doors of classrooms that link to the classroom's
       - QR codes on rooms linked to online room booking services, 'rules and
       regulations', reporting problems etc.

    I just made up a set of posters that enable users to connect to our wireless network by scanning a QR code. I used http://www.qrstuff.com/ which is a great site. Scanning the code connects users to an SSID, (provides a password if necessary) and opens a browser ready to go- all by scanning a QR code!

    Only supported by Android and you'd need to think carefully before putting a password into the code (in case outsiders used it). This isn't a problem for us because our wireless is open, with authentication required once a user tries to browse somewhere (works like an internet cafe).

    Allanak King has also blogged about using them in her school.

    QR Codes - how do you use yours?

  • Enabling e-Learning 16 Aug 2011 9:21am () in What's the most powerful professional e-learning experience you've had?

    I applaud you, Melanie, for putting your thoughts out there and responding so honestly to my (deliberately provocative!Wink) question. It is an issue I myself have grappled with - what counts as effective, blended PD? - but I think increasingly that a variety of activities (such as online in the VLN/Twitter and F2F) that challenge our thinking and keep us inquiring about how well how students are engaging with the curriculum are essentail.

    You paint a powerful picture of the importance of being connected to our colleagues, especially when we are isolated or very busy. The aim of a space like this is to help teachers to connect and begin to engage in a variety of learning opportunities to support/extend their learning in schools. The community relies on people like yourself being brave enough to share their thinking in public.

    Your post reflects a fierce desire to keep going with your own learning - a competency that not everyone develops - so good on you.

    Your contributions are highly valued in our community - do keep sharing. We all benefit when each of us is confident enough to participate in these spaces.Smile

  • Enabling e-Learning 16 Aug 2011 8:56am () in Ultra-fast broadband and your school - what's happening?

    You might be interested in this story just published in Computer World [16 August 2011]:

    "A secondary school with a student population larger than some New Zealand towns, intends to allow its 3200 students free access to the internet from next year.

    Rangitoto College on Auckland’s North Shore has developed a wi-fi network that will cover 134 classrooms situated on the school’s 31 hectares. Associate principal Don Hastie says there are 130 access points and each one can support up to 90 devices..."

    How do-able would this be for other schools?

  • Enabling e-Learning 15 Aug 2011 10:09am () in How do we know we are improving home school school partnerships?

    It doesn't have to be a survey. Start with the focus then break it down. I wonder if you need to start with your aims: why do you want parents to get involved with the blog? What are you hoping it will achieve?e.g. Greater awareness of learning? Active involvement in learning discussions?...and what would this look like?

    ...then turn it into a main question: e.g. To what extent are the parents interacting with learning via the blog?

    ...Then start to frame some sub-questions that would lead to answering that question

    e.g. how often do they read it? how do they know there's a new post? what do they enjoy seeing? have they posted? why/why not?

    ...I'm sure we could add to this....I'll look at the Google doc, too. I guess it's like a wee action research projectWink but it also depends on how important this is to spend time on.

    Anyone else?