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  • Annemarie Hyde 15 Sep 2013 9:02pm () in Worthwhile Independent activities

    Can you make sure we have acess to this doc? I think you may have it tagged as private...and thank you for collating it in anticipation!

  • Annemarie Hyde 10 Sep 2013 9:42pm () in Worthwhile Independent activities

    Wow - impressive list of sites and reviews! Thanks folks! I'm passing the link to teachers and hope they are beginning to see the power of the VLN. Too cool.

    I asked the question last year, was there life for the VLN beyond ICT PD clusters and milestone reports. Pleased to see that there is most definitely a purpose and momentum!

    Our teachers using:







  • Annemarie Hyde 05 Sep 2013 9:55am () in LIVE WEBINAR: Enabling e-Learning event | Schools, Google apps and the cloud

    Sounds great - will check my calendar. If I can't make it will also be watching the recorded version.

  • Annemarie Hyde 22 Aug 2013 5:13pm () in NCEA and e-learning | Designing for success

    "Slow Ideas" is a great piece which I've shared with others.  Thoughtful post Monika.

    I'm seeing far more collaboration between the sectors now, so I'm optimistic.  Shared online forums like the VLN and Twitter and f2f forms like Ulearn and Educamps are ensuring the sharing of ideas. The ICTPD cluster I was part of last year, included a primary, intermediate and two high schools.

    Now our local schools are again collaborating to improve student achievement and it's exciting to be part of the planning and discussion.

    As in "Slow Ideas" we need to see what's in it for us and as teachers, what's in it for learners. I don't think that there are any quick fixes, so I'm grateful that we are at least "slow changing" in a forward direction!

  • Annemarie Hyde 22 Aug 2013 4:33pm () in Just starting out with minecraft

    Kassey is going great guns, and you'll see from Kayleigh's blog that the students are being challenged to think about the learning.  Yes, these students are engaged.  We created an offline server that takes 60 players in a multiplayer environment. Students came to a lunchtime club where they were asked to sandbox in response to the question, "How could we use this to effect learning?"

    Offered as one of our last electives, 81 out of 267 students wanted to be in the group.  We now have two teachers facilitating a group of 60 students.

    Kassey has taken it a step further, and integrated Minecraft as a means of bringing the novel, "City of Ember" in her literacy ptogramme.  I visited them yesterday and I'm intrigued to see where she takes it.

    Well done!

  • Annemarie Hyde 04 Aug 2013 11:53pm () in School network support - who maintains your ICT network?

    SBS are Rotorua based - so look locally!

  • Annemarie Hyde 02 Aug 2013 9:35am () in School network support - who maintains your ICT network?

    We use internal expertise (me, the geeky DP) for daily stuff and "ask a kid" is good too, for quick stuff. I can usually work out why the server has gone down and restart.  I used to be just an e_learning girl but have learned to trouble shoot and get my hands dirty under the bonnet! Our aim is that more teachers will become confident to do the same; at the moment we still have problems which could be fixed by:

    1. Restarting the machine

    2. Checking your wireless is connected

    3. Did you remember to login?

    For the rest, I have an SBS Tech come in once a week for a day, and we work well together.  He and i work out priority needs and noone is meant to approach him without going through me (to avoid the "Did you try switching it on?" issues).

    He also can deal with a lot of issues by remote access so can fix things when he's offsite.

    Where are you? It pays to find out from local schools who the best techs are.  My advice is to use people who are involved with schools as they understand the needs and problems.  Interview them first.  You don't want to be talked into doing something where you lose control. $60-$80 seems to be the usual hourly rate. (We are in the wrong job.)

    I agree with Conor's opinion of onsite techs.  They don't always know what other schools are doing, aren't often aware of teacher and student needs and can be gatekeepers, who everyone listens to and are often scared to approach.

  • Annemarie Hyde 04 Jul 2013 1:13pm () in How can technology play a useful part in supporting students as they transition into new environments?

    I'm going to talk about my digital mihi in the context of an Eduignite speech tonight on Manaakitanga and forming relationships.  I did mine with for students after seeing yours and others at Ulearn and a regional meeting.  I encouraged students to talk to me about their connections and then make their own.  We just used pictures without words.

  • Annemarie Hyde 26 Jun 2013 3:59pm () in Internet connection

    I agree - proxy setting or a lack of IP adresses.

  • Annemarie Hyde 20 Jun 2013 6:56pm () in How long is too long?

    I'll ask @keesfransen - he'll know.  I'll also put it to my techie.

Annemarie Hyde

I am deputy principal and e_learning leader at Mokoia intermediate. In 2013 Terms 3 and 4 I was seconded to work .4 as a BeL facilitator. I am co-starter for #connectedrotorua and cohost of #educamprotovegas.