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  • Annemarie Hyde 26 Feb 2017 2:42pm () in Coaching Leadership (2016) has arrived

    Thanks Jan - I've just downloaded it.

  • Annemarie Hyde 31 Mar 2016 7:16pm () in FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Nathaniel asks where the tensions and challenges lie in innovation in your school.  


    Preceding posts come from innovators who are school leaders who support innovation either with time, money or encouragement or who have school leaders who do so.


    Will Richardson challenges us to rethink “why we want kids in schools in the first place”.  But the bottom line for a lot of educators is that while they agree that the more important aim is to prepare our kids “as powerful, passionate, persistent learners,” the exam system and expectations for entry into the workforce or tertiary institutions narrow the focus.  Assessment systems like National Standards can stifle innovation.  External but powerful forces like the Health and Safety Act create hurdles in time, money and activity.


    Many parents too, look for schools they see as supplying (sic) a good old fashioned education with familiar structures.  

    As leaders in schools where innovation is encouraged and embraced, how have you got there? What hurdles have you had to leap or knock over and how have you done it?

  • Annemarie Hyde 11 Feb 2016 9:46pm () in FORUM: One word to define your school | An Enabling e-Learning event (11 Feb - 3 Mar 2016)


    I want everyone to own their learning needs and develop the learning dispositions to see these happen. We need a culture that embraces individual learning needs for students and teachers alike.



  • Annemarie Hyde 27 Nov 2014 6:10pm () in The final Connected Rotorua meeting for this year...

    Hello everyone!

    I hope you are planning to join us for our last meeting of the year - our first year - at John Paul College, 4.30pm-6pm. 

    (Thanks Judith Smallbone for organising this).image

    We've said educamp style - which means sharing stuff - but stop press: Tanya Gray, who runs workshops on coding and such like, is coming through and will share some fun computer science concept activities (see below).

    So certainly - bring ideas to share if you like but no pressure as you can see. Something different, something to intrigue your students and yourself.  What a great way to finish the year!



    So about this thing on Friday - we've got an hour and a half, right? Will probably be able to do two activities, maybe 3 if lucky.
    The basic idea is that we do some "computer science concepts" activities, but not in front of computers. Hence the name "CS Unplugged". The activities are designed for use with younger children not as a means to learn programming but just as a way to explore the theories and problem solving capabilities of computer science.
    Example activities I'll probably bring along:
    Card Flip Magic
    Figuring out which card has been flipped without seeing it happen. Demonstrates very basic error handling in data.
    Binary Data
    Using binary as a code language to store numbers or words. Alternative counting systems. Can do some cool artwork with this stuff too.
    Harold the Robot
    Writing a series of directions to guide a robot through a maze. Thinking about how to provide precise instructions. Introduces concept of algorithms. Identifying repetition and simplification of instructions.
    All the activities are super fun and everyone always has a good laugh.
    I'll bring everything I need, just need to know how many people to expect. Also, if there will be any of the following available:
    - tables to use as work space
    - magnetic whiteboard
    - projector
    - open floor space (or ability to move tables)
    Hope that helps :)
  • Annemarie Hyde 28 Sep 2014 6:13pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    After my day reading around this I've written - typed that is - a blog post: http://likeahoginmud.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-great-debate-to-type-or-to-hand.html

  • Annemarie Hyde 28 Sep 2014 2:53pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    Thanks Hamish and thanks everyone for my Sunday reading. I'm no closer to knowing whether it is okay to ditch handwriting completely but I rather think we are not all ready for that. As an individual learner, however:

    • I love that my OCD side can produce a neat piece of writing.
    • I write (create text) more than ever in my life before.
    • i write for authentic audiences around the globe.
    • My writing is purposeful and the need to write is owned by me.
    • I can collaborate on text in real time with people who are geographically distant.
    • My desk has less paper on it for me to file (not really) and I can locate items more easily.
    • My individual learning needs are being met with self chosen tools.
    • I can access material to read from my house on any topic.

    Please don't make me do typing drills! Yuck! Please understand that I need to own my learning and that it's not about how you think I should do it! Happy hols everyone. 

  • Annemarie Hyde 28 Sep 2014 2:21pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    i am with you Shane. Hooray!

  • Annemarie Hyde 28 Sep 2014 2:18pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    So true! It's more important to teach the best form of communication!

    All I'm hearing here is tool tool tool - all based on personal belief rather than real future-focussed reasons. Um...and not sure about Nathaniel's rationale about being marooned on a desert island. 

    Until we have equity and can easily access digital devices, there is a place for learning to print the letters - but not mindless drills. 

    Can I have some real research please into use of fine motor skills maybe? Or effect on reading?

    I return to one of Jill's earlier statements. Is it more about our reluctance to accept change?

  • Annemarie Hyde 28 Sep 2014 2:06pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    I agree that there is a place if there is a purpose. I only heard to aid other classroom skills though, not bigger purpose. 

    In my youth, we were asked for handwritten applications. If the job requires that skill all well and good. I would question whether I wanted to work for someone not using the tools we have access to now.

    I'm also hearing "they." Where is the place of choice of tools and meeting needs of individual learners in your classes?

    As a "Twitter" fiend, I question that handwriting alone creates the need for pithy epithets!

    I'm being nit picky I know but I'm enjoying reading all these posts which I've left for my Sunday reading!

  • Annemarie Hyde 28 Sep 2014 1:48pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    I beg to differ. Paula Hogg https://mobile.twitter.com/diana_prince_ww strarted a similar discussion on Twitter, focussing on the effect on reading ability.

    That led me back here.

    I wonder if Cripps' theory is still valid, especially as you point out, with other tools we now have access to?

    I don't think there is a place for handwriting if it is "just in case". Look at the demise of telegrams and printed photos. There are more efficient ways and I'm more likely to Facebook you or text you on your birthday than post a card. Even my shopping list is on an app. While equity of access to digital tools is a issue, I can see a place, but not years of daily drills.

    I heard Russell Burt from Point England, talk about a parent meeting he had with over 80 people present. The same question was asked. He asked the group, "How many of you have good handwriting after 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week for say 7 or 8 years?" Three parents put up their hands. 

    What we don't know is what link there is between physical manipulation of the letters and reading ability. We have manipulated letters since the development of a symbolic way of expressing language. Fine motor skills are important in other areas too. 

    I look forward to seeing where this discussion is going.

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