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Megan McLellan's discussion posts

  • Megan McLellan 05 Oct 2014 1:45pm () in Inviting your school community onto the modern learning practice (MLP) waka

    Hi Jilena - You have had some great replies already, but here is what I think has had a great impact for our school when we were starting down this path.  

    Several staff and myself had visited a school that was teaching in a similar way that we were aiming to develop which was a great inspiration to us as teachers - but the BOT / parents had concerns.  So we sent a couple BOT members to visit the school as well and see for themselves the different attitude to learning that the students there had.  As these BOT members were also key community members their opinions held a lot of sway with the parents and when they saw what we were trying to develop in action we had great buy in and support.  

    I think it was also important that they saw it working in another context so they were reassured we weren't 'experimenting' on their children and that other schools were further down the same track.

  • Megan McLellan 11 Aug 2014 2:58pm () in Tertiary study study in 2015

    I did the same course last year and found it great.  I think one of the big differences in which courses I've done and how much I've enjoyed them is largely influenced by the amount of discussion facilitated in the course.  The elearning appears I did with Canterbury was excellent in that regard.  

  • Megan McLellan 01 Aug 2014 1:17pm () in Welcome to the Tertiary Track group

    Hi all

    I completed my Post Grad (endorsed in E-Learning and digital technologoes in Education) last year and this year I am working on my Masters (via courses not a thesis).  I have done all postgrad study onlive through Canterbury which has been interesting in itself, especially having completed their courses on how to teach online/blended courses!  This year my studys are focusing on leadership in education and a educational law paper.  

    I love learning and find that distance study is a good way to get some PD which can be very difficult to access here on the West Coast.  This year I am lucky enough to be on study leave thanks to TeachNZ so am missing the day to day grind of going to work Wink which means I am always keen to chat with others so I don't turn into a crazy acedemic hermit!