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Jillian Norrie's discussion posts

  • Jillian Norrie 10 Aug 2013 3:53pm () in Screen Recording App for iPad

    I have heard that others have had some problems, Allanah, but we never have. I don't have one of our iPads with me at the moment, but I will check up on settings and the version I use and let you know.

  • Jillian Norrie 10 Aug 2013 12:20pm () in Screen Recording App for iPad

    I use Display Recorder HD. I see that it now costs $9.99 in iTunes. Students can use a quiet space to record anything being done on the screen. It can then be saved as a video and cropped in Quicktime. My Year 4, 5 and 6 students do this independently and post their efforts to their class blog - see http://wvsroom13.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/NZ%20Sign%20Language

  • Jillian Norrie 15 Nov 2012 1:48pm () in App Harvest

    Thanks, Tania. I dodn't make it to the meeting, but really appreciate the new apps on the list you sent us. Here are some of our current favourites not mentioned:
    Display Recorder - records the screen and sound which is easy to save in camera roll and use as a quicktime movie. Use the trim function on Quicktime and you have an easy to use video for blogs etc. You do need a "quiet spot" as it picks up all sound.
    Snapguide - great for procedural writing. It uploads to a website where the chn get authentic feedback.
    Superimpose - a rudimentary greenscreening app
    GlowDraw - for scraffito type artwork. the kids loved using it for fireworks

  • Jillian Norrie 27 Jun 2012 7:10pm () in Voice to Text for Reluctant Writers

    We use a free app called Natural Reader on our laptops. It works really well.

  • Jillian Norrie 06 May 2012 7:05pm () in Voice to Text for Reluctant Writers

    Hi Chris


    Neither my class iPods or iPads seem to have this facility. Perhaps it's only available to those of us lucky enough to have the very latest devices?Smile

  • Jillian Norrie 06 May 2012 4:22pm () in Voice to Text for Reluctant Writers

    Thanks for the ideas, Cyndi. There seem to be many apps that read the text, but what I really want are ones that work the other way around. In other words, create text from the voice input Smile.

  • Jillian Norrie 06 May 2012 3:45pm () in Voice to Text for Reluctant Writers

    I am currently experimenting with QuickVoice2Text Email. I am hoping that it will help the extremely reluctant Year 5 writers in my class. We use several wonderful story writing apps, but they are just not enough enthuse them. The voice file has to be emailed and arrives about 5 - 10 minutes later in the form of text. It can then be copied and pasted into one of the apps. Has anyone used this before? It would be wonderful to hear any tips, advice or alternatives.

  • Jillian Norrie 13 Oct 2011 5:50pm () in Managing ipads

    No, Danny. I was feeling quite sanctimonious as I thought we were doing things legally by having four iTunes accounts!

    I have heard of another school synching a class set of iPods to one account. I set up 4 laptops and then install the same apps on all as much as possible. I use the synching apps feature that means they automatically appear on every device linked to the account. I spend an enormous amount of time on this as it is, so I honestly cannot see myself setting up an account for each device. 

    ... unless I have missed something? Is there an easy way to synch a number of devices on individual accounts?

  • Jillian Norrie 12 Oct 2011 6:58pm () in Managing ipads

    We have one person (me) managiing our 9 iPads and 8 iPods for now. Both teachers and students are required to keep a log with feedback of the apps they use. As sheets are completed, I scan the  feedback. The children (year 4 to 6) are amazingly perceptive. I rely on the feedback when it comes to deleting apps and purchasing full versions of free ones they have tried.