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  • Judi Buckley 01 Sep 2011 12:57pm () in Amended Copyright Act (1994)

    I feel it is worth reading the Netsafe advice for schools that you have provided a link to Tessa to get a better understanding of what the implications for schools could be. It seems that schools need to know that if they are unsure about what to do on receiving a notice, that they contact NetSafe immediately. It would be timely to discuss this in schools so that everyone has an understanding of what the changes to the Act mean, as I am sure that many of us don’t have a clear picture and we all need to be ‘in the know’.

Judi Buckley

I'm the elearning Facilitator for the Matamata District Cluster. It is always a privilege working with teachers and I feel so lucky to be able to visit their classrooms and share the ideas and practises gathered along the way.