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  • Monika Kern 09 Jun 2014 10:21am () in Book Creator Question: How can we embed completed epub books into wordpress site?

    Worked a treat, thanks heaps Barbara! Can't wait for that update though, would be great to take out the additional steps esp. if students were to embed it into their own blogs.

  • Monika Kern 09 Jun 2014 10:20am () in Book Creator Question: How can we embed completed epub books into wordpress site?

    Good point, Judith, I will have a tutu with this some time!

  • Monika Kern 09 Jun 2014 9:14am () in Book Creator Question: How can we embed completed epub books into wordpress site?

    Good morning, everyone,

    I am in need of your combined expertise. Students at one of my schools have just created some gorgeous stories with Book Creator. They would like to embed these into their school site, a Cabu Site (wordpress). As we can't figure it out, I have just emailed their lovely rep but maybe one of you knows how to do it already and could share with us? I almost forgot to add, we are talking 10+MB files, and upload limit seems to be 8MB but even a 1MB upload didn't go through (probably as is the wrong format?) hence the questions about embedding (rather than uploading).

    Many thanks!!! Monika

  • Monika Kern 28 May 2014 10:10pm () in Looking for an MLE class to skype with

    Hi Todd,

    Jackie McGlasson asked me to pass on her contacts, she is keen for her class to skype with you :) I'll send you a message with contact details :)

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 27 May 2014 6:40pm () in Chromebooks and Data Projectors

    Hi Lynne,

    My Samsung CB has an HDMI port - use HDMI cable to connect to your HDMI projector. Many schools, though still have the TELA funded (?) Sony projector with only VGA connection. I bought a HDMI to VGA adapter, however, it doesn't work for me. From some research I did it appears I would have needed to choose such an adapter with power supply (I can still use that adapter for my apple TV etc.).

    There is also Chromecast, to my knowledge still not available in NZ, I had ordered mine from the US via ebay. It is supposed to work similar to an apple TV by mirroring the content of the Chrome Browser / the Chromebook to your screen / projector. I did tutu with it when I first bought it but not for the last 6 months or so - it sounded very promising to me.

    Hope this helps! Monika

  • Monika Kern 26 May 2014 9:57pm () in Chromebooks

    Hi there,

    I have a Samsung and I really like it. I have noted that a colleague's Acer has a longer battery life. Two of my schools have gone for Acer Chromebooks after lots of research and they seem to be very happy with them though I heard last week there have been issues with the touchpad for two devices in one of their classrooms.

    As others have said above, get some of each different brand and trial them. I would really recommend having some students test, also, because they are the people who (I assume) will be using them after all. You want to make sure they suit your purpose and work in your environment. I assume you are a GAFE school as users need a Google Account to log in. I also recommend that you look at the Admin Console and Hapara Teacher Dashboard - unless you want to wait for Google Classroom.

    I am not so worried about the End of Life Policy now; it basically means that at some stage a device will no longer get automatic software updates (e.g. my sons' old iPod touch did not update to iOS7). There was an extension to this recently, but I can't recall the details sorry.. I enjoy reading the posts in the Chromebook Edu Google+ Community where I have picked up a lot of interesting tips - have a look and see what you think.

    Looking forward to hearing what you decide!


  • Monika Kern 23 May 2014 12:19pm () in Airserver

    Hi Lavinia,

    I use Reflector, too, and my feeling is that it's reliability hinges on how robust the wifi is. I have also heard, though, that the number of devices that could mirror at any one time were determined by the kind of machine that is running reflector app? Do you think one of these two could be your issue?

    Thanks, Monika

  • Monika Kern 21 May 2014 12:17pm () in i Cloud and iPads - can't remove photos from an ipad

    Hi Robyn,

    not sure if this is relevant in your case, but I have in the past added photos to an iPad via iTunes, e.g. if I wanted for students to use photos housed on the school server in their Piccollage. I have found that I could only remove these photos by connecting the iPad with that same laptop again. That reminds me that I have one ipad that needs photos taken off...

    Good luck, Monika

  • Monika Kern 21 May 2014 11:19am () in Feedback


  • Monika Kern 14 May 2014 3:30pm () in Survey


    some of my schools have used this, adapted from other surveys I have come across:

    I hope you find this useful. Cheers, Monika