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  • Monika Kern 31 Mar 2015 1:36pm () in Ipad 2 Mirroring to Activeboard

    Hi there,

    this and a few other posts / comments I came across in Social Media prompted me to think about how I want to see education changed and how I would want to use projecting in my context. Not necessarily giving an answer to your question but I have mentioned some of the options I'm aware of in this blog post (note; costs mentioned in the post are in AUD).

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 27 Mar 2015 4:24pm () in Setting up students' blogs

    I don't know if you had an answer to your question yet, Abbie, but to my knowledge TD only lets you look at the blogs, not set them up, this is still somewhat labour intensive but in my opinion well worth it because students can take their blogs with them when they leave your school.

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 27 Mar 2015 4:22pm () in Minecraft Edu costs

    Hi joleneb,

    if you want to get in touch with Annemarie Hyde, she usually has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in regards to Minecraft in NZ classrooms. 

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 03 Mar 2015 4:01pm () in Setting up students' blogs

    You can try Google Classroom, but it's a slightly different tool for a slightly different purpose. There was a good explanation given by Mike Reading recently, have a look: http://usingtechnologybetter.com/comparison-teacher-dashboard-hapara-google-classroom/

    If I personally was back in the classroom and using GAFE, I would want Teacher Dashboard to make my life easier (even if I had to pay for it myself - but don't tell :D).

  • Monika Kern 03 Mar 2015 3:31pm () in Setting up students' blogs

    Hi Abbie,

    I agree with Patrick, as far as I am aware you have to set up the blogs separate from the management console. If you are interested, I have put together some tutorials about setting up class blogs and individual blogs with Blogger, and class sites with Google Sites. Feel free to have a look and use if you think they are helpful - http://thebelbird.blogspot.co.nz/p/gafe-how-to.html. Hapara Teacher Dashboard is certainly a very useful tool to monitor your students' work within Google Drive, their blog et. al.

    Interested to hear what others say about your privacy question, I'm not quite sure to be honest.

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 19 Feb 2015 6:14pm () in Changing Group Ownership


    I created a group for a school I used to work with. I would like to hand over the ownership of the group to them, please. How do I go about this?

    Many thanks, Monika

  • Monika Kern 09 Dec 2014 11:00am () in Chromebook vs Ipads

    Awesome discussion, very constructive ideas shared, well done!

    While I don't have my own classroom, I envisage that I would like to work with a variety of devices and use one cloud solution cross platforms to tie it all together - from my recent experiences that would probably be GAFE though I am starting to explore more the O365 environment, too.

    However, we need to acknowledge that teachers are learners, too, and not all teachers are ready to go all out and change everything in their teaching over night so to speak. Some schools are prescribing one device, and this can support teachers who are coming to terms with changes to learning and teaching in their classrooms. Some schools choose a certain platform over another and that again might be supporting the learning needs of their teachers.

    Ultimately, we are tasked with raising young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners. This involves catering for individual learning needs for students and for teachers, and while we can expect teachers to raise to the challenge quickly, I believe we need to apply UDL principles also for their learning and allow scaffolding.

    Sorry if this comment is a bit of a side track, but I feel strongly that we need to support and not leave behind teachers who are not quite as 'techy' as others.

  • Monika Kern 09 Oct 2014 10:29am () in Supporting UDL with GAFE (Ulearn14)

    I had the pleasure to present to a groups of passionate educators at Ulearn14 about Supporting Universal Design for Learning with Google Apps for Educations. It would be great if we could continue the discussions here on the VLN!

  • Monika Kern 04 Sep 2014 11:19pm () in Learning with 1:1 digital technologies

    Reading the various comments I can't help but come back to the Golden Circle questions: Why? How? What?

    Why you have already answered, Katarina, "to improve student learning".

    How you have answered partly, with your intention to increase DTs to 1:2 in some classrooms as a trial. It is realy important that you think carefully about how you want to use these DTs; what is the teachers's understanding of future oriented pedagogy? What kind of tasks will the devices be used for? Do you want students to type long passages of text? Something with a keyboard will be better. Do you want students to capture images, audio and video, in and out of class, and then create sth. with this? A tablet might be a better choice. Allanah King wrote a great blog post about using the right tool for the right purpose here http://allanahk.edublogs.org/2014/06/20/the-right-tool-for-the-job/.

    What device or possibly devices might be best for your situation, fit your budget and your teachers can best cope with will surely come out of the above.

    Just a little side note, if I was back in the classroom I would like a variety of devices so I have the right tool for the right job - but then I'm a bit of a technonut lol.

    Hope this helps! Looking forward to hear how you proceed:) Monika

  • Monika Kern 01 Sep 2014 10:36am () in App Sharing

    Well spotted, Nix, I'll get in touch with the developer about the date! So far no Android app but will bring that up, also :)

    Cheers, Monika