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  • Monika Kern 06 May 2015 12:11pm () in Explain Everything Issue, can you help?an image.

    Hi Merryl,

    can you share the URL for the actual blog post where you are experiencing the problem, please? What I saw when I looked at your blog briefly all seemed to work?

    Thanks! Monika

  • Monika Kern 30 Apr 2015 11:51am () in Surface Pro 3 in NZ classrooms

    Hi there,

    just interested to find out if people are using Surface Pro 3s in their classrooms and how? I didn't used to be overly impressed by the first few devices, but I like the handling of the SP3 and have started using it more and more. I think the number of suitable apps for education is getting better and better, and over here in Australia there are quite a few schools using these now. Is this the same in New Zealand? How do you make effective use of them? Would love to see a discussion on this:)

    Thanks, Monika

  • Monika Kern 30 Apr 2015 11:40am () in Wireless Mirroring

    Hi Rachel,

    there are also a number of programmes available you can put onto a laptop or desktop that is connected to your projector, and then you mirror the iPad to the laptop (or desktop) and it shows on your projector. I like using Reflector App from airsquirrel, especially as more than one iPad can be shown at the same time. It costs US$14.99 and from memory you can buy multiple copies at a reduced price. I have bought it for both my laptop and my MacBook. I also have X-Mirage on the MacBook, got it for free through some promotion, and I have heard it is better than Reflector; I haven't used it much yet, but from memory people were saying that it is very easy to record your iPad screen through this (one of these days I will play with that some more).

    People in the iPad / iPod User Group might also have other helpful suggestions.

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 28 Apr 2015 1:10pm () in Moving Google Drive between domains.

    Hi Tim,

    this is an interesting approach to it; here in QLD I have observed that the state schools are all hooked up to one system and the teacher's as well as the student's email address moves with them between different schools I believe. It would have its advantages though I think in NZ with Tomorrow's Schools and BoTs governing their school, many would struggle with the idea of a single mandated system run by MoE or similar.

    I would love to see Google come up with a simpler mechanism that allows the transfer for a GAFE account from one domain to another, e.g. for Y6s going off to Intermediate School or College, for teachers to move schools etc. Wouldn't it be great if the administrator could simply hand over a list of students to the new domain and their content would follow them? In the end it's all 0s and 1s so it shouldn't be impossible? (I should have asked the Google engineers at the GAFE summit...)

    Cheers, Monika


  • Monika Kern 27 Apr 2015 3:00pm () in Moving Google Drive between domains.

    Hi Jacira,

    Google Takeout is very easy. However, if you have a GDocs you have shared with others and want them to remain that way, you could also go through the more lengthy process of sharing your GDrive content with the new account and handing over ownership of individual docs to this new account - or to any account you choose. It's very time consuming if you have lots of documents, but in my case I felt it was worthwhile for handing docs to my team leader when I left my last job.

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 21 Apr 2015 9:06pm () in Changing Group Ownership


  • Monika Kern 21 Apr 2015 8:55pm () in Embedding Non-Google Content

     Hi Grant,

    I have had some trouble embedding some external content as Google seems to regard it as unsafe. I was sure I had blogged about it, but I can't find it right now.

    When you embed external content into a Site or a Blog, and you can't see see it, watch out for the little grey shield at the very right of the address bar in your browser. When you click on it, you get the option to allow the 'unsafe script', and this will show your external content:

    Unsafe script

    When I embed external content into a site, the HTML box does usually not work for me. Instead I go to Insert - More Gadgets and search for iframe:

    iFrame Gadget for Google Sites

    Enter the URL for the external content you want to embed (a padlet wall etc.). If you make sure you write https not just http, then your content should show without the need to go through the grey shield exercise from above.

    Hope this helps! Monika

  • Monika Kern 21 Apr 2015 11:18am () in Google sites

    Hi Annette,

    there are lots of templates available but it is hard to find 'the one that's just right'! My suggestion is that you persevere, maybe with the help of someone who is more familiar with Google Sites, and develop one site you are happy with - you can then use this as your own template.

    I have done a lot of work with Google sites, and here I have collated some of my GAFE tutorials - feel free to use if you think they are helpful. Some schools have created effective sites for classroom and / or as school websites (Pt. England School, Ohaeawai School, Mangonui School, Taipa Area School just to name a few off the top of my head, there are many more).

    Good luck, and I'm interested to hear how you go!


  • Monika Kern 13 Apr 2015 6:33pm () in Google literacy support extensions and apps

    Hi Lynne,

    I presented Supporting Universal Design for Learning with GAFE last year at Ulearn14. Feel free to have a look at my presentation.

    Cheers, Monika

  • Monika Kern 10 Apr 2015 11:04am () in YouTube in Schools

    Hi Alice,

    I guess different schools will operate differently but for me it's going back to one of the reasons why I would want to set up GAFE in my school - student ownership of their work. Now I'm assuming we are talking about sightly older students (y4+) that have a good understanding of digital citizenship. If they are writing their own blog, I think they should also use their own YouTube channel (I think that is something you have control over in the GAFE admin console but I would have to check). Later, when they are leaving school, they can take all their Google things with them via Google Takeout, and their blog can stay online, handed over to a new account. I would hate for their videos to disappear because someone in the future accidentally cleared out the school YouTube account.

    Just my 5c worth:)

    Cheers, Monika