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  • Sandie Haddock 14 Apr 2014 2:34pm () in Gaming in education | An Enabling e-Learning webinar and discussion

    guess what just happened...

    I was watching the educade Minecraft clip and it didn't take long for three very interested younger members of the family to wander over and surround the iPad.  

    All of them use it in a variety of different ways, I have also dabbled however didn't really know too much about it.  The 13 yr old son - confident with the programme walked off saying there is sooo much more to understand as well, it also gave him some inspiration and possibilities to add to his existing creations.  The 8 yr old was - oh that's what an anvil is used for and also how to make charcoal and the 11 yr old daughter is keen to make a hoe, she has played for two years in a very collaborative space yet had never asked anyone how or why she would need one, interesting.

    experience in the environment is foremost, I'm keen to  go and have a go at building my first pick axe!  I'd hate to think I had to go through hours of watching, listening, reading etc before I would have the chance 

    we often don't know what we don't know - I certainly had no idea how to build tools, not that I have spent as many hours as the children engaged in Minecraft or asked the right questions.

    I've loved overhearing conversations with children when they have joined games, the collaborative talk blows you away.  at home when the can put it up on the tv screen using Apple TV to. Either share their creations or play against each other(Total recreational)

    the eldest needed multi link blocks to build a soma cube this morning.  Unfortunately our motorhome doesn't have any of these, I went on the scout for any dice I could find - next thing problem solved create it in Minecraft.  

    learning is a spiral staircase - it is all about which step you start on.

    ps they have just opened other Minecraft video clips on another iPad- I will now have to use some clever tactics to alter their thought patterns to get them back on track with their correspondence bookwork - or will I?

  • Sandie Haddock 20 Jul 2013 10:03pm () in 1 ipad - 25 year 6/7/8 students

    Hi buffy

    one of my early purchases was a cable to plug my ipad in through my projector.  This way I could share apps with the class rather than all trying to look at one device.  Latest purchase from Noel leemings - belkin rock star, a jack point that can be pmugged into iPad and can have 5 sets of headphones - modern day listening post!  Looking forward to trying this out next term.

  • Sandie Haddock 03 Jun 2013 8:23pm () in Printing from iPads

    Hi renee

    We have a Ricoh photocopier at school, I use smartdevprint. Smart device print.  Usually can print through the app i'm using if it doesn't pick up the printer I can take a screen shot(belly button and off switch at the same time) then I can print through the camera roll.  Like innes said the moment I got this up and going at school I went running to share with the boss - very much a lightbulb moment.  in had to enter the IP address and proxy, easy peasy and away she worked.  

  • Sandie Haddock 22 Feb 2013 1:17pm () in Printer Apps

    I use Smart Device Print(FREE), we have a ricoh photocopier - no Mac's in the school (boohoo) the ipads just print wirelessly - it's great.


  • Sandie Haddock 02 Sep 2012 11:34am () in iTranslate Voice HD

    Thanks everyone, that has really helped.  We are with Smartnet and have had to set up our proxy manually to work on Internet - this is the fIrst major glitch we have had with apps.  However the 2 nd one we noticed was this week was with an app called Roveenable allows you to use flash which allows you to use mathletics, excited when I saw it could be used for the asb challenge however it only worked at home.  I love having iPads in the room, only a couple of glitches however notmajor in the big picture, I'll be determined to get them sorted - thanks for the help.

  • Sandie Haddock 30 Aug 2012 10:26pm () in iTranslate Voice HD

    Iphone - not yet in the budget!  Good thinking though!  Me also thinking who pays for this?  Just need everything to work in the ideal world when you press the button.

  • Sandie Haddock 30 Aug 2012 5:42pm () in iTranslate Voice HD

    I'm having difficulty getting this going in the school environment, can anyone help.  It is a great and I mean great app which works amazingly well at home - speak into it and it will translate into the language chosen.  Awesome for ESOL as well as children who struggle with literacy/editing work - they can say the word and it will write it in English - yay! 

    The company said about the firewall, I've been down this track to no availl.  Any ideas?