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  • Jo Flavell 05 Jul 2012 4:31pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Wow! That book creator looks really good! That would be a real incentive and encouraging tool i think to get students to write! I tried to ddownload the app for scribble press but you can onmly downmload it on an ipad (not iphone), i feel a purchase coming on! lol

  • Jo Flavell 05 Jul 2012 4:09pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    I instantly looked up the app 'uTalk Māori' and thought $13.99??? lol im so budget!! hahaha ive only been downloading free apps! lol But i suppose now that i am looking up educational apps do a lot of them cost?  Also since you said you looked at my profile i've just realised i really should update that! lol i've moved from new entrant to year 5/6, i am still te reo maori lead teacher but due to a drastic move in year level i decided to relinquish my ict duties which probably explains why i am out of the loop in regards to programs and apps etc... however now that i have (kind of) found my feet as a year 5/6 teacher i am beginning to spread my wings and work on implementation of ict thinking tools into my classroom :)  I see puppet pals are free! =D

  • Jo Flavell 05 Jul 2012 3:54pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Hi Iona :)

    We only just got the ipads which means the IT guys have to sort them out before we can even use them... i am also VERY new to apple as i totally resisted it and have only caved as i got an iphone 4s for my birthday! and now i am hooked! i didnt even know what an app was! lol so i am very new to apps and to be honest ive never even THOUGHT about looking up apps to support te reo maori??! =D  Do you have some that you use?  This is something i should search :)  But as i said use of ipads for me are very new, we have our school is totally pcs and these 10 ipads we have recently recieved will be interesting to use... :)

  • Jo Flavell 05 Jul 2012 2:45pm () in How many tools do you use and how do you decide?

    Wow! Thanks for that awesome info!  I've never heard of the apps/programs evernote and dropbox so that was great to have a look at those 2 tools!  I have played with a lot of those web 2.0 tools but not really seriously used them.  Recently we have had an influx of equipment in our school, ipads, netbooks and digital cameras and not that these tools are easily accessible i think i should take it and run! lol  So now i plan to use that equipment in my classroom programme and will be looking at wonderful ideas to support me! 

  • Jo Flavell 02 Jul 2012 10:59am () in e-Books: how does your school manage them?

    Hi there Karen,

    I too am interested in this.  We have just got a 'cow' in the school and I am wanting 'easy' ideas for those beginning :)  So I am very interested in what people will have to contribute to this post :)