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Andrew Penny's discussion posts

  • Andrew Penny 25 Sep 2014 9:21am () in Memorial Park - a series of four field trips following the construction of our National War Memorial Park 2013-2015.

    Kia ora all

    Excitement is building for the third of four LEARNZ Memorial Park virtual field trips starting 11 November 2014. What's great about taking part in this field trip is the wealth of material already on the website from the first two field trips. You will be able to fast track your students up to the present state of the project and see the huge amount of progress that has happened over the past year.

    During this third trip you will see the final touches put on the tunnel floor, walls and roof and see the first stages of creating the park: the terraces covered in grass and trees, pathways and seats, and the paved Ceremonial Plaza in front of the National War Memorial. In this field trip you will feel the excitement growing as the deadline to Anzac Day 2015 gets closer!

    Check out these pictures taken recently from the site:

    Asphalting the road through the underpass. 

    Asphalting the road through the underpass.

    Hope to see you on the field trip!



  • Andrew Penny 22 Sep 2014 1:08pm () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Thanks for sharing Rachel:

    We had a fantastic trip to Dunedin airport yesterday. It was fabulous to see the children using their prior knowledge from the LEARNZ field trip to make connections and ask awesome questions. I have attached our whole class presentation that we made today.

    Kind regards
    Rachel O'Connell


  • Andrew Penny 22 Sep 2014 12:29pm () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Thanks Stacey Anderson from Limehills School for sharing these examples of this great story ball follow up activity.

    story-ball-1.jpg story-ball-2.jpg story-ball-3.jpg

  • Andrew Penny 22 Sep 2014 12:18pm () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Jane Speers from Flaxmere Primary School shared some examles of her student's restricted and prohibited items posters:

     prohibited-poster-1.jpg prohibited-poster-2.jpg

  • Andrew Penny 22 Sep 2014 12:01pm () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Jane Speers from Flaxmere Primary School shared examples of the Detector Dog posters her students worked on.

    photo 3.jpg  photo 2.jpg  photo 1 (3).jpg

  • Andrew Penny 15 Sep 2014 9:39am () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Rachel O'Connell from Lawrence Area School has shared her success with students on the Airport field trip.

    Thanks for all of the amazing activities and footage on the website about Christchurch airport.
    After watching the videos about arriving to Christchurch, border security, customs and biosecurity we set up our classroom like an aeroplane, with our seats in rows.  We 'landed' in NZ and had to fill out our own passenger arrival card stating which countries we had visited etc and also declaring which goods we had in our possession.
    Following this we made a visual reminder of 'Prohibited items' to bring into NZ. The children loved it (especially filling in their own passenger arrival card!).

    Today's activity involves making our own passports before visiting Dunedin airport on Thurs which we are SUPER excited about. With any luck they'll stamp them for the kids.

  • Andrew Penny 25 Aug 2014 6:35pm () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Hi Leanne

    Thanks so much for sharing - definitely some useful ideas in there! Wink


  • Andrew Penny 21 Aug 2014 2:58pm () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Check out the Airport intro video! Laughing

  • Andrew Penny 21 Aug 2014 1:39pm () in Airport - International Gateway to Christchurch

    Jane Speers and her class from Flaxmere Primary School have been getting into some great preparation activities for this field trip:

    Looking forward to the trip we have made passports and critiqued our passport photos looked at airport layout and are now doing a restricted and prohibited poster for taking stuff on planes .

    Just had a fun activity, where  we watched border control then filled in an arrival card each student got a card and a paper bag. The bags contained money or drugs or food or flowers or nothing and they had to fill in the declaration card  with what they thought was right. Good form filling skills plus reading and today we are investigating detector dogs  and making a factual poster using cartoon beagles to present our information I have the dog cards from the airport so we made a fun reading activity after I laminated them.

    Thanks for sharing Jane!

  • Andrew Penny 14 Aug 2014 5:02pm () in LEARNZ and the Arts

    Hi Leone

    Yes this is very possible - and very easy in fact. You are already registered with LEARNZ so have a username and password. Simply go to the Field Trip Chooser http://www2.learnz.org.nz/core-fieldtrips.php, find the field trip (just click on 2012) and log in (you do not need to enrol in any field trips that took place prior to the current year). You could also search music in the Learning Areas part of the Field Trip Chooser - this will bring up four other field trips based on the CSO also. Any more questions just ask away - happy to help!