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Mark Bellham's discussion posts

  • Mark Bellham 19 Mar 2012 4:13pm () in LEVEL THREE BOARDS

    Thank you for your thoughts everyone. I have spoken to NZQA in order to attain the assesors comments.

    It has been said that this board did not meet the "Show knowledge of the characteristics and constraints of established processes, procedures, materials and techniques used" achievement criteria.

    I shall be using this comment to diagnose further.

  • Mark Bellham 15 Mar 2012 3:44pm () in LEVEL THREE BOARDS


    Hello Everyone,

    I'm currently pondering one of my Level 3 folio submissions from last year (see above), that has recently been re-submitted and reurned with the same grade of NA. I was expecting at least an Achieved. The student in question has since gone on to study Design in Melbourne, but I'm still having discussions with her and her family about why it received such an unexpected response.

    Can anyone shed any light on this please?!