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  • Barbara Wenn 23 Nov 2012 12:20pm () in Can the iPad reach children that other tech can't reach?

    My cluster includes Goldfields Special School in Paeroa and the integration of iPads, touch-screen computers and IWBs, along with other assistive technologies and tools into learning have been huge motivators and see students who experience difficulties with motivation/engagement in traditional learning styles, to becoming engaged independent learners. We held a cluster sharing day yesterday and the students from Goldfields were fully involved. They shared their digital learning and became tutors for adults and students from other schools. Students from this school have been involved in making videos which were shared at a recent arts festival. You may view a couple of videos that support this evidence of effective use of technologies in their learning: 



  • Barbara Wenn 12 Jun 2012 11:06pm () in i-Pad Covers

    Schools are buying i-Pads and now need to purchase covers. Wondering what kinds of covers are being deemed the best (protection and most cost effective) for the i-Pads. Ideas and where to purchase for the best deals for sturdy, not too bulky but effective for all age groups using the i-Pads. Any suggestions, deals, retail outlets recommended would be appreciated. 

  • Barbara Wenn 12 Jun 2012 10:20pm () in Integrating iPads into the maths programme

    Hi, I have a school with 20 new i-Pads and they are wondering what kinds of covers are being deemed the best (protection and cost effective) for the i-Pads. Would really appreciate ideas and where to purchase for the best deals.

  • Barbara Wenn 29 Aug 2011 11:58pm () in Young children using the 'Paint' programme independently.

    Basic PAINT is great so long as you show them the brushes!!!! and not have them use the pencil - who ever uses a pencil to paint with anyway!

    I have a few basic but effective rules -

    • NO RUBBER and that saves all the false starts and very messy pictures.
    • ctrl+ z to undo - they click onto that really fast. It will only undo 3 strokes back so teaching the children to undo something as soon as it looks wrong is best. 
    • have a time frame and an expectation that they will create a picture of ......
    • teach them to save all creations and then they can go back and edit
    • NEs start with a buddy so that they can work together to learn the basics of the programme