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  • Robert Ferguson 12 Mar 2012 1:36pm () in Welcome to the Level 3 Photography discussion

    For me I think the big one that gets most people is the discrepancy between a students internal marks and external marks at level 3 in general.

    I had a good example a couple of years ago with photography, where a student I gave merit too for 3.2 got an achieved for 3.3 and the student I gave achieved too for 3.2 got an excellence for 3.3. 

    It can also be hard to look objectively at students work at the end of the year, as it was only early in the following year that I could see where the marks came from.

    On reflection I see that type of experience as a good real world one, as no one goes to a gallery and says "I really like and understand that work, but I might just look at their workbook before I pass my final judgement and buy it."

    Sometimes life just isn't fair.