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  • Martin Butts 18 Feb 2015 10:23am () in Reporting to parents in the secondary school

    Hi Tessa,

    Thanks heaps for the links and resources! I agree with you about the change in communication skills - authentic, accessible and less formal - I would also add immediate and relevant, and also more fragmented. I'm not suggesting the latter is a bad thing, but just making the observation.

  • Martin Butts 18 Feb 2015 9:35am () in Reporting to parents in the secondary school

    Thanks Nathaniel, Kelly and Steve for your comments. I think the discussion about the time it takes to put together a traditional paper-based report is an interesting one. When we can almost instantly communicate with parents via email, or the parent portal, the conventional school report does seem redundant.

    The comments about the expected formality associated with reports is an interesting one. We spend a lot of time proofing and polishing, as I guess when you think of the term 'report' in it's broadest sense, we are trying to give a clear and thorough assessment with a degree of perspective. The immediacy of digital communication allows for more on-going discussion about the learning as it occurs and so there is more potential to work in partnership with parents. On this front, how is your communication with parents different to feedback you give to the students?

    We have thought about asking students to lead 'Parent/Teacher interviews'. This is possibly the norm in primary schools, but not in secondary. If anyone is doing this at secondary level I'd love to find out how it works.


  • Martin Butts 15 Feb 2015 11:37am () in Reporting to parents in the secondary school

    Hi everyone,

    We are currently reviewing the way we report to parents in years 7-13. Here are some of the questions we have asked:

    Impact on learning: How does reporting sit alongside assessment and feedback?

    Immediacy & Relevance: What does/might reporting to parents look like in a digital environment (parent portal, email, GAFE)? How might these resources transform the way we report?

    The student: What place does the student have in reporting to parents?

    Timing: Should reporting continue to occur at a common time for all, or at a time most relevant to the learning happening in each subject?

    In person: How might face-to-face reporting best complement other means?

    Paper-based: Is there still a place for hard copy reporting?


    I'd be interested to find out what changes other schools are making!