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  • Haydeninkster 25 May 2011 2:44pm () in COWs vs Suites (or other)

    Interesting topic Robin. We currently run two COW's and we have a timetable in place so that there is each classroom assigned a certain time during the week. This seems to work well with the timetabling and teachers are flexible if it isn't in use by one class and have the possibility to use it.

    The one problem with this system is that sometimes the COW doesnt get put back on charge and the next class then has a bunch of laptops to use that all need charged.

    We have recently just purchased 10 new laptops and are in two minds whether to add these to the COW or 3/4 laptops shared between 2 classes.

    I guess whatever system you have or use it all depends on the management of the hardware.