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Katie F's discussion posts

  • Katie F 23 Feb 2015 4:33pm () in Number Knowledge Tracking


    I only use what is on the NZ maths site. It used to be 'I can..' Now its called Students Profiles.Could I possibly please have a look at what you have developed Kiwipad and Hellen? I haven't heard of Pond so my next move will be to check it out. katie.flutey@gmail.com


  • Katie F 02 Nov 2014 10:53am () in e-asTTle

    Hi susie,

    I used to use easttle all the time for mths and reading online and it was fantastic. We had technical issues this year where the test won't load, or kicks the kids out half way through and then they cant log back in. Its been a nightmare. Im not sure if the fault is at our end or with easttle. I gave the kids a paper reading easttle and it went a lot smoother. It's more work for you with marking and loading scores but I found it more reliable to administer and complete the test and less time consuming to for all the kids complete.


  • Katie F 16 Apr 2014 7:34am () in Resource bank

    I think this is a great idea.Thanks Suzie. I'll have a good chance to upload resources for people during the holidays when I have a sort out. Smile

  • Katie F 02 Apr 2014 6:52pm () in Audiobook App for Year 7 & 8

    Hi Sarah,

     i use ibooks. Not sure if all of them are audio books but some of them definitely are. ibooks is a free download.