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  • Robbie McGOUGAN 10 Jun 2015 7:45am () in CS-First - Google Backed Computer Clubs Promoting Scratch Programming

    At Waihi East Primary School we have started running a Google Computer Science First (Google CS First) after school club twice a week beginning in early May 2015. Google have set up themes to help promote the teaching of programming (using Scratch) to students aged 9-14 years, for our clubs start we are using the storytelling theme this will take most of term two in our after school sessions to complete. There are many different themes to choose from, so content is in abundance. Here is a summary of the storytelling themes content - do you have a story to tell? The Google CS First Storytelling club is your chance to bring your stories to life on the computer and share them with others. Develop characters and dialogue, build intriguing plots, and use computer-generated effects to add excitement, mystery, and interactivity to your stories. In this club, you'll combine classic elements of storytelling, like characterization, premise, dialogue and setting with computer programming. Your audience won't just read these stories – they'll experience them.

    I have been rapt with the students motivation and response to the lessons, Google provide excellent resources such as the students own printable booklet for a theme. When lessons/activities are completed badges are glued into the booklet to show tasks completed, my pupils enjoy this and are working through the activities. Please see below a video that shows samples of my after school classes first steps with the Scratch programming tool, these students are aged 8-11 years. Below are photo and video excerpts showing my students in action, the second link is to a studio that houses their recent animations (the animations are displayed with flashplayer) made using the Scratch programming tool.


  • Robbie McGOUGAN 21 Jun 2014 8:44am () in Waihi East Primary School Students Get Creative With Storytelling

    Here are a series of stories or plays presented as cartoon style videos, the students were inspired after reading Margaret Mahy books this term and acting in our East School production 'Songs In The Key Of Mahy' to try and present their own creative ideas. 'Toontastic' or 'Puppet Pals HD' on the iPad were the tools we used for this. The titles in this playlist are 'Witch In The Deep Blue Sea' by Paris and Lily, 'Fishy Business', which has a story line featuring a baby Megalodon meeting a Predator X and they become friends and go on a massive adventure, created by Liam, Kellim and Nai room 1 East School students.'Snarky' a Toontastic play created by Jayden P and Rahira P both yr 6 students.Our final title in this playlist is 'Spirit Dragons', which is about a boy who talked to a stranger and got a toy dragon that some how it came to life. They became friends and the boy named the dragon Toothless, voice by Isitolo a year 5 pupil in room1 and movements by Jacob a year 6 room 1 pupil.

  • Robbie McGOUGAN 24 Jun 2013 9:27pm () in YouTube uploads available within the school domain only (QR code and blog)

    If you upload the videos to your Google Drive you can stiil view it as a video but I think you can fine tune who you want to share the video with through the share options in Google Drive - good for allowing members of your Google apps domain to only have access.

    Google drive video share options 2.

    Google drive video share options.



    ICT Lead Teacher Waihi East Primary School

  • Robbie McGOUGAN 30 May 2011 5:35pm () in App Sharing

    Puppet Pals HD This 'Creation Myth' animation was made by year 5 and 6 students (Waihi East Primary School) with an iPad using an app called Puppet Pals HD, our 'Matariki' theme for term 2 links closely with this myth. Puppet Pals HD allows a lot of freedom for creative children, you can draw your own characters and backgrounds, photograph them with your iPad 2 and import the drawings into Puppet Pals HD from the iPad's photo app.

  • Robbie McGOUGAN 23 Jun 2011 10:32pm () in App Sharing

    Toontastic Storytelling App

    Toontastic helps students learn about story structure as well as providing the opportunity to create character voices, select appropriate background music and simple animation of characters using the iPads touch screen capablities. Go to Toontastics Learning Goals page to get the background detail on how this app supports literacy learning.

    Year 6 Waihi East Prmary School students Ashley, Nyah and Aiden made this Toontastic animation called 'Space Invasion', as their class teacher I particularly enjoy listening to the way they are developing character voices and improvising their speaking parts.

  • Robbie McGOUGAN 23 Jun 2011 9:49pm () in App Sharing

    For the Wired Waihi afternoon held at Waihi Beach School on Thursday 23rd June three teachers from Waihi East Primary School shared the apps we have used so far this year on our iPad 2's. See the Google slideshow below that went with our presentation.