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Catriona Chrystall's discussion posts

  • Catriona Chrystall 04 May 2011 11:38am () in Using IWB in a junior room.

    Hi Susan,

    Well when it works properly I use it as my modelling book with my reading groups.  Each reading group I have I have the WALT and SC which I share and then a record of the learning.  I then print this out and paste into the modelling book for the children to refer back to if needed.

    I have also used it the same way in Maths and writing but this year I am not as involved with Maths and I am using the whiteboard itself more for writing as our IWB in our junior room is only a large TV size.

    Last year I used it a lot during our Inquiry and had an epiphany for Art.  I took photos of the stages of the art ahead of time and made it into a power point to show children (this saved a lot of time and extra resources).  It also meant children who are ready for the next stage did not have to wait for the whole class to move on. 

    Hope this helps.