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  • Marielle Lange 12 Apr 2011 1:01am () in Database exception error

    Hi Hayden,


    The link from "Comment on "Re:App Sharing"

    Best wishes Smile

  • Marielle Lange 19 Apr 2011 1:25pm () in VLN Bug tracking - unauthorised login

    Thanks for the clarification Glen. That makes sense.


  • Marielle Lange 19 Apr 2011 1:29pm () in Process for new embed types to be added to the allowed list?

    If, as users, we want to make a request for new embeds types to be allowed, what is the process to follow? If as vendors, we want to make it possible for users to (freely) embed our resources and interactives, are there any guidelines that we can follow?

  • Marielle Lange 27 Apr 2011 4:19pm () in Remove checkbox not working?

    Under comments that you contributed on a blog post, a remove checkbox appears. However, checking it and clicking save triggers an error message. "Sorry, you need to actually put something in your comment before we can save it." 

  • Marielle Lange 19 Apr 2011 3:36pm () in Process for new embed types to be added to the allowed list?

    Widgeds? A project that I started not long ago and that I will be working on over the next year. It let you add all types of interactives on your webpage while letting you focus exclusively on the content (not on the technology).

    It relies on jquery. You already use jquery and jquery-ui in this VLN - that's a javascript framework that let you rapidly create re-usable, great looking widgets. Examples - 50 Awesome New jQuery Plugins and 24 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins Worth Checking Out 






    I use it for more education oriented content. Live examples there is an online editor that user can use to package their activity into any form. For now, I have wikispaces embeds and zip export to play over dropbox (for mobile content). But other forms of embeds are possible. Hence the question about guidelines. 

    Easiest is a script embed and if not possible, then iFrame, but I can adapt. 


  • Marielle Lange 21 Apr 2011 2:45pm () in MobiMooc

    Ignitia recently created a wikispaces for her MobiMOOC. MOOC stands for Massively Online Open Courses. In short, there are free courses freely offered to the online community. They propose weekly activities that give a reason for participants to connect and engage with the material.

    Mooc can be of variable quality. There is no guarantee of value for free things. But in this case, this is managed by Ignitia, an active actor in the area of mobile elearning and there are some very active discussions on the google group. 

    Wikispace: http://mobimooc.wikispaces.com/

    Google group: http://groups.google.com/group/mobimooc/

    Delicious bookmarks http://www.delicious.com/ignatia/mobimooc

    MobiMOOC runs from April 2 to May 14  2011. You still have a chance to catch up. 

  • Marielle Lange 21 Apr 2011 3:27pm () in The VLN - what is it and how can we use this space to engage learning communities and share effective practice?

    As mentioned on the Mahara discussion lists, there is a good page giving tips on community participations in massively networked environments:


    I like the term "memorably active participant"

    Back to a point made by Pamela. Providing an environment where you tell your users to do "whatever you want" has never worked. Provision of a wiki or other collaborative tools as an open-ended non-focussed tool fails. At least it has for pretty much everybody who tried that approach in the past. 

    For this VLN, it would really help to introduce some themed activities.

    A month where you propose VLN participants to focus on a specific problem. The month of e-portfolios, with some challenges dropped in. A competition of the best open portfolios. Votes are made by community members. What is a given portfolio good or why are they not. Hunt for the best blog post or article providing good recommendations for a portfolio. Teams of four having to edit a group pages together and write recommendations for portfolio contributions.  

    A month where you enquire about the needs of the community (another point made in the comments above). You just create a special group discussion where for one week, you invite teachers to post about obstacles in their daily work (you may want to run a special group where posts can be anonymised on demands, people using a nickname rather than their real ones to encourage participation). The next week, you ask them to make comments about the online resources or local assistance that they have found particularly helpful. 

    Don't run an activity each month (teachers have busy workloads and they don't always have proper access to computer / network during work hours). But run one 3/4 times a year. Keep people coming back and contributing. 

    Likewise, If you create a group within the VLN, it really helps if you give your mini-community some well defined goals to get them to engage early on. Once they are engaged and are familiar with the tools, then give them as much autonomy as they demand. But it really helps if in the early stages (first two weeks), you set constraints and you give a clear task, one that is achievable by all (but nevertheless challenging / new enough). As per the video of Helen Timperley, give a goal, suggest a problem to solve. If not, contributions are likely to remain isolated and superficial.  

    An extensive catalog of wiki and collaborative web uses in teaching is provided in Guzdial, M. (2000). A Catalog of CoWeb Uses (abstract and pdf). The paper provides very useful information on the set up required, the contribution of the teacher and the success of the exercise.

  • Marielle Lange 26 Apr 2011 11:28pm () in Can the iPad reach children that other tech can't reach?

    This made me think of this article, computers as a condom, by Seymour Papert.

  • Marielle Lange 26 Apr 2011 11:37pm () in Can the iPad reach children that other tech can't reach?

    On haptic, a question worth considering is the contribution of the app store. Could it be that it benefitted the special needs market more than the touch interface?

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