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Rich's discussion posts

  • Rich 07 Apr 2011 11:25am () in LCO Handbook download not working

    Thanks: got it!

  • Rich 07 Apr 2011 9:24am () in LCO Handbook download not working

    Using IE8. Tried downloading the handbook (using both the arrow link and the URL link on this page: /pg/groups/2644/lco-handbook/)

    Nothing happened.


  • Rich 06 Apr 2011 3:31pm () in Registration Issues

    Just registered: an exceedingly frustrating task, that took at least 6 attempts: and I am a geek.

    1. There is no indication that the number has to be entered into the neighbouring box. The error message is less than helpful.

    2. There is no indication of the intended usage of the User Name, and Display Name. It is diificult to choose a sensible one without any guidance.

    3. The Credentials manager on this laptop ( a TELA one: HP 6730b) crashes the registration  page (using IE8). This is awkward, because the credentials manager comes on automatically when trying to send the registration.