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Kerry's discussion posts

  • Kerry 19 Sep 2011 6:27pm () in Responses to 'Te tuawhitu o ngā wiki - Week 7 (Toi te Ako)'

    Getting my students into pairs, reading lots of Myths and Legends and then using artist representations to retell one of the stories with voice overs recording using "Easy Speaks" is one way we have used the principals of Tuakana teina very successfully.  The discussion, practicing of art form, sharing ideas and then recording of their stories has seen the lead shift between the pairs of students, each one coming to the fore with different levels of experience.  Even different pairs have sort the help of others who have show confidence or expertise.  AWESOME

  • Kerry 04 May 2011 3:59pm () in What do we need help with?

    Get familiar with the little tricks and short cuts.