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Dave Winter's discussion posts

  • Dave Winter 03 Sep 2013 11:17pm () in New Chromebook

    Hey Monika Not all apps are free but most are. We are looking to have a modest budget to ensure that we can provide the best apps to the students. favorite extensions - bitly , chromespeak, mighty text, save to ggogle drive popchrom. Favorite Apps: wevideo, picassa, pixton, evernote, tecaher dashboard, tweetdeck, lucid charts, scribble maps.

  • Dave Winter 02 Sep 2013 4:43pm () in Hapara dashboard and ipads

    Hapara teacher dasboard use is limited on the ipad. Ios and android allow editing of docs and spreadsheets but not drawings or presentations. My understanding and experience is that  teacher dashboard works best with a chrome browser on a mac, chromebook, windows or linux laptop or desktop. Today we had students wanting to collaborate with others on a google slideshow but unable to do any editing in the mobile or desktop versions using ipads. The ipad may be better at working with alternative scaffolds such as evernote.

  • Dave Winter 21 Aug 2013 12:12pm () in Cover for Samsung

    We are liking the samsung arm based chromebooks for their Battery life. One got dropped yesterday and altough we were able to reclip the case together perhaps some of these covers might be a good idea.



  • Dave Winter 21 Aug 2013 10:23am () in Procurement

    Have added a bookmark to a google doc to collect info about what is happening in this space. Have added suppliers I know about. My thinking is that the management console will only be offered by authorised resellers. I may be wrong on this. We see this console as very important for google apps schools but maybe not so important for small stand alone initiatives. link to doc 

  • Dave Winter 14 Aug 2013 11:03am () in Are schools having parents sign permission specifically for Google apps?

    Have been asked as to wether we have to have parent give express permission for their children aged under 13 to use google apps. Does any one know? What are other schools doing?

  • Dave Winter 14 Aug 2013 9:39am () in What devices are you choosing and why?

    We chose to use the ARM based samsung for reasons of price, formfactor and battery life. There seem to be a number of other options out there one being the acer which is also cheap and has some great display port options. Here is a quick video I put together looking at the Acer demo we had from Sitech. 

  • Dave Winter 17 Jun 2013 3:37pm () in Call for Workshops

    Welcome from the CONNECT 2013 planning team. We are looking for workshop facilitators/presenters who will help inspire pedagogy and challenge practise. We would really appreciate anyone facilitating a workshop on the 26th July in Hamilton. Focus: Cybersmarts, Student Opportunity, Key competencies, Teaching as inquiry, Emerging Trends. All facilitators will be part of a draw for two Ulearn registrations or access to professional learning of a similar value. Submit here http://www.connected.org.nz/events-and-happenings/share-a-story 

    If you have any questions with the form please contact us (connected.hedon@gmail.com).

  • Dave Winter 10 Sep 2012 4:38pm () in What are people doing with scratch?

     Is the use of computer programmed modelling an appropriate way to increase student understanding of geometry? We are about to find out.

    Here is the First Project Challenge

    1. Create a Scratch script which tells a sprite to draw
    each of the following shapes in succession.

    triangle square pentagon hexagon octagon
  • Dave Winter 21 Aug 2012 8:16am () in App Sharing


    Aurasma is a great app for making an augment reality space, treasure hunt or display. We used this on grandparents day where people searched a mural wall with the ipad camera. Certain parts of the wall referenced a video of a student talking about belonging. As you roam around the wall different videos will start playing for you. FUN.


  • Dave Winter 17 Jun 2012 12:48pm () in Class sizes - fact or fallacy?

     I was suprised by some of the challenges presented. It's funny that we often hear the argument that class sizes do not have an effect on student outcomes. That may be the case but logic would say that teachers have a workload associated with each student. There are so many factors to take into account. The physical size of classrooms even the mainstreaming of students who bring with them the need to accomodate support staff etc. What we have seen is the focus on one indicator from John Hattie's meta-analysis and a hell of a lot of extrapolation. Bigger class sizes might end up to be economically unavoidable but let's not masquerade them as a way to improve student outcomes.